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I am not feeling so BLUE anymore. Things are looking up!

I woke up this morning with warm sunshine filling my room. My freshly changed sheets and duvet smelled laundry fresh and invited me to linger a little longer on this January Sunday Morning. Sula was curled at my feet, still dreaming of  open fields to run across. Blue faded away as I thought of all the wonderful things in my life right now. Great friends, a wonderful, supportive family, great adventures and great food, even if its blue!

I finally climbed out from under my covers, put on 1100 layers of clothes and headed off to the local Sunday Green Market in my hood.

Sula and I strolled along, stopping for fresh hot cider,  leafy dark kale for a soup later tonite and some organic hens eggs for a brunch frittata. Our stroll had me thinking of all the good things happening with friends as well.   Julie just finished her loft renovation, Jacqueline is setting the comedy world on fire, Anne is planning a wedding, Rafael is finishing art for a big show in Buenos Aires, Marco is launching his own company and Katy & Claudia are getting tans in the Caribbean (bee-atchs). Guess they still are into blue – blue waters! 2011 already holds so much promise.

We put BLUE to bed last night with a small dinner party to break in Julie’s new kitchen. What a treat and honor for me! It’s not everyday you get to be the first person to cook in a kitchen. The oven had not even been turned on once! The menu was “almost” as posted earlier this week for our BLUE theme. Hey, its my party, I can make changes if I want. 😉

I was reading Anthony Bourdain’s “Les Halles Cookbook” while getting a pedi yesterday (perfect thing to wash away Jan. blues). Yes, some read US Weekly or Star Magazine while at the salon. I read cookbooks. I decided to prepare Roti di Porc au lait. Roasted Pork in milk. It sounded warm and soul satisfying. I  thought I would Dr. up the sauce with some blueberry preserves to see if we could achieve blue food status.

Here is a little recap on last nights dinner! We missed you. By the way, did anybody else throw a Feeling Blue Dinner Party or Brunch yesterday or today? Please share if you did.

Yeah, we didn’t have too much fun 😉 Maybe that’s why I lingered in those covers a bit longer today!

It was a great week and a great theme. I learned alot about blue food and wow, I don’t need to see another blueberry for a few days!

Thanks Julie for letting me cook in your beautiful new kitchen!

Tonite, it is resting and recuperating. Yoga, a hot mineral bath, some Kale & Barley Soup, a good book and an early bedtime.

Bye Bye Blue…

Scene of the Crime


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