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Blue By Design

Mid January Blues. The beautiful white snow is now just a sidewalk heap of dirty precipitation spotted with thrown out Christmas trees. Work is crazy busy and I haven’t felt the sun on my face in ….um…yeah can’t even remember. I came across the above picture in a design magazine and thought it represented my mood to a tee. Its warm, a bit melancholy, cozy and comforting.

So, when feeling blue – EAT BLUE! This week I am designing a BLUE DINNER PARTY. It’s not a sad dinner party I promise. We are going to explore a blue design theme and yup…blue food! What have I got myself into on this one. Go ahead, try to think of 5 blue foods fast….exactly. Not an easy task.

Irish Blues

So far I have blue corn (various forms), blue cheese, blueberries, and blue potatoes. We are talking real food here. Of course we could color any food to be blue. But we are keeping it real on this blog ok lol!

However as I have begun to menu plan, I am coming up with lots of options using just those ingredients. So far I have:

Starter – Blue Corn Tortilla Chips served with a white bean dip OR a Blue Corn Quesadilla filled with Barely Buzzed Cheddar Cheese. This cheese is my newest cheese affair. Its amazing cheddar rolled in coffee and fresh lavender. Seriously divine. www.beehivecheese.com

Blue Corn

Entree – Blue Fin & Mussels Hong Kong Style, served with wilted garlic spinach in a coconut milk broth OR Pork Tenderloin rubbed with coffee with a Blueberry & Thyme Glaze ? Which is it gonna be? You decide.

Side – Individual Blue Potatoe Au Gratin with Blue Cheese Crumbles, if we go pork OR roasted blue potatoes for the Blue Fin. One last thought – blue cheese souffle! Which?

Dessert – Blueberry duh. Blueberry Crisp? Blueberry Tart? Blueberry Panna Cotta? Fresh blueberries & cream?

Which reminds me. This could also be an amazing Blue Brunch Theme if you are more into that this weekend. A lazy Saturday brunch with a few friends. Blueberry scones, Blue Eggs and Ham or scrambled hen eggs (they are blue) with blue potatoes and blue cheese. Blueberry pancakes or crepes. Blue Mountain Coffee and wow, I am on a blue roll.

Told Ya.

Let’s finalize two menus by tomorrow. One Blue Dinner Party and One Blue Brunch.

By Caspari


In the meantime, how about the decor? Blue Moroccan tea glasses come to mind with votives down the table. Caspari has a great blue Oriental themed collection which works beautiful with the Hong Kong Style fish. My fabric, Rome, would be perfect for either menu. White plates. Love those blue-tinted glasses from Target. Can be used year round. What else ya got in the cupboards that is navy or deep blue?

Keep the inspiration coming! Give me your ideas in a comment here or on my FB page.

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