Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions

Are you all set for the WINTER WHITE DINNER PARTY this weekend?

I can’t wait to hear what you are going to cook!

I really like what I put together and I think its going to be a hit.

Did you use any of my recipes?

If you are still not so sure or confident, here is some final inspiration…

You can do this! Ahem, Annie.

Take advantage of the winter whiteness in 49 of 50 states this weekend and throw that dinner party. Send me pics!

Write me about your raving reviews. Please.

As always, ciao & bon apetite!

One thought on “A Winter White Dinner Party!

  1. Julie Westervelt says:

    I’m sitting here starving for lunch and now you’ve spoiled me. Nothing I have will compare! I love cippoline onions, but I never seen them already peeled/marinated! Great tip. Thanks.

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