Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions


It may be grey and cold outside but it is black, white and sunshine yellow in my kitchen this week!

As you know from my last post, I have taken the blog VIDEO. I have always believed we have to be able to laugh at ourselves first and boy, oh boy, do I provide some serious entertainment in these videos. LOL. Its early days so enjoy the laughs and hey, throw me some moral support.

With all seriousness (as much as you can muster if you have already watched the video), I want to share my kitchen and my inspiration with you in 2011. I want “Haute n the Kitchen” to come off the page and into your home.

It’s January. Its cold in Brooklyn. Grey with lots of dirty snow that Sula somehow finds appetizing. Ick.

The perfect time for a sunshiney (yes Webster it is too a word) dinner party!

I am planning a black&white&lemonyellow dinner party for this weekend and I want to inspire you to do the same! Let’s plan it together. Find me on FB (haute n the kitchen), like me and let’s get going! We will story board, menu plan and WOW our guests this weekend.

It’s Haute and It’s ON!

We can go a lot of directions with this color story! Here are a few things I pulled together to get started. Remember! This can be easy breezy stuff from around the house or from the five and dime. Its the overall impact, not the expense of each little detail. Creativity is free 😉

Inspired yet? If that didn’t do it for ya, then how about something you can sink you teeth into!

If that didn’t wet your appetite, then this certainly will. Remember that if you can’t find the exact ingredients I use…its cool. Make it your own. Majharani Black Sea Salt is not easily found my friends. The good old white variety will do just fine. We have to reach for the stars, but it’s also ok to just reach for what is on the shelf 😉

Winter Insalata Caprese

What do you think? A good first course for the dinner party? Let’s see how it finishes out…

Quit drooling on the screen and get busy with your dinner party invite list! I am going to help you with every step along the way this week. Design theme is on the way, color story is done and the first course is now just a memory on the palette. Well, at least mine ;)*

*Perk of the job

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