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What is your Thanksgiving looking like so far?

Are you sitting on your couch, at your desk, on a bar stool or on the john wondering what you are going to do with yourself for Thanksgiving? Let me guess your thoughts;

1. You are way over dried out, sausage stuffed turkey (and you never win the wishbone war)

2. Your family is just a wee bit TOO much to see for both holidays and you have already surrendered Dec. 25th to them!

3. You really are craving fresh air, fresh faces, a long woodsy hike &  a fresh locally sourced gourmet meal that you can scarf happily without hearing about Auntie Ramona’s aching ingrown!

All the reasons you need to jump in the car or on the plane or on the train and get to Ellijay GA by 2pm this Thursday.Hey, I covered my 885 miles from Brooklyn to here in a mere 14 hrs with the help of my good buddies coffee and red bull. Real friends that probably are not going to pay for the speeding ticket they induced, but now is not really the time to hash that one out.

What? What’s that you say? You need me to convince you a bit more? A little more flirt wouldn’t hurt? Ha! I brought my big spatulas to the party…let me seduce you …

First and foremost, book your “glamping tent” at The Martyn House asap. You will dine like a god and sleep with the angels. Try me, then scoff. IF its sold 0ut for sleeping, you can still get a place at the dinner table. Hurry!

2nd off, if you make it by 1pm or even 3pm tomorrow, I will personally read for your from my book.. I will even sign the copy and maybe even give you a little gift! It happens.

You can find me at LL Beanery Coffee in Blue Ridge GA! If that is not appetizing enough…then this should get you there…

To Start

And now…for the main attraction…

Oh Yes, you Can!

I would never leave you without something sweet…

Sweet Dreams

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