Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions

Let’s face it, I am not the girl who is going to spend an evening making cupcakes with scary black frosting and cute candy corn faces. No fake finger lollipops or cake ball eyeballs. Just not my cup of Halloween Brew.

However, my travels have presented me with some very scary culinary moments. So, in season with the Halloween weekend ahead, I give you my top 5 scariest, spookiest, most haunting food moments caught by my camera…

Made to Order Turtle Soup

1. “Turtle Soup” – Hong Kong –  made, ahem, fresh. Pick your turtle and let’s get brewing…

Terrorizing Turtle Soup!

2.”Baaa Brain”, Hong Kong – Actually it was more the eyes, tongue and lips that were more popular but I was also told that the entire head makes a lovely witches brew baaa broth!

Baaa Brain

3. “Eyeball Udon”, Guangzhou China


Eyeball Udon

4. “UFF  Curry” (Unidentified Flying Curry), Rajasthan India

UFF Curry

You ask about the 1st F in UFF? With as much decorum as possible, I ask you to think about this for a moment while also pondering the last curry dish you had. “Flying” might also be interchanged with the word, exiting. Hey, somebody had to say it.

Crispy Crunchy Grasshoppa!

5. Cricket Cracker! – Shenzhen China – Creepy Bar Snacks for your most adventurous guests! I recommend a fast single bite, swallow and a generous sip of a lovely Malbec. I hear the vampires say that a “true blood” shot is the most divine with a live cricket. Hmmm?

I know I said top 5, but I am a fan of the encore and I swear I heard clapping, no?

Bonus Spooky Food Moment!

Octopus Soup?

Followed by your choice of meat….

“I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti…” Silence of the Lambs, 1991

Happy Halloween!

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