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Street Pup's Nap Spot

It’s hard to believe that the Commonwealth Games begin in only one week, here in Delhi. I was here in May and aside from the new airport terminal being open, a few more roadside plantings and LOTS of scaffold covered buildings – little looks ready! From the blurry news I was able to absorb, in my jet lagged condition up arriving at the hotel last night,  game officials are already pointing fingers at the Indian government for false promises of being able to host the games in proper fashion.

One of the athletes (a boxer) has already filed a proper complaint against the games as a result of his bed collapsing! Images of the athlete’s accommodations are seriously appalling, even by Indian standards. A pledging frat boy wouldn’t even sleep in these rooms.

So, as I headed out this morning for a long stroll around central Delhi, I expected the city to be a BUZZ of activity as it scrambles towards the finish line for the opening ceremonies, a week today. To my great surprise…(imagine the sound of crickets here)…the city was sleepier than usual this Sunday. My friend Rhonda, who lived in Mumbai, coined the Indian habit of taking naps anytime and anywhere – The Sleepy People. Well, it was a sleepy people Sunday for sure. I couldn’t even find a rickshaw driver willing to take me back to the hotel rather than carry on napping. This was not so good considering it was about 100 degrees today and I picked a black tshirt for my jaunt.

Has someone secretly drugged Delhi? Is this a commonwealth conspiracy?

If you can’t wake them – Join them! So,  I am off for a nap myself, but not before sharing some sleepy Sunday moments with you.

Rickshaw vs. Bike

This rickshaw was soooo slow that the “big guy” on the bike actually teased the driver as HE passed him up.

Nimbu Pani Seller

My boy here was fast asleep as I strolled by and started taking pics of his artful display of lemon water (nimbu pani) that he might have been selling, if he had not been “sawing logs” instead.

Auspicious Tree?

This tree inside a temple is said to be auspicious and if you tie a string around it and make a wish – well, it will come true, of course. The holy man did say I had to come back and take the string off once my wish came true. Yikes! So, I took a picture to remember which one was mine. Can you spot it?

Water Pots

Love these artfully stacked water pots…

Sleepy Sunday Sunset

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