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God love Belgium for their gynormous individual serving crocks of moules served up with plump crispy frites, a bowl of spiced mayo and your choice of any 6 million beers brewed in this uber tiny country! On a 7 day work trip last week in Antwerp, I racked up enough “Moules Miles” to land me at platinum status. While moules with white wine was lovely & lite for lunch, I had to take it to the next level and graduated to garlic & cream for dinner. Yes, there is Provencal (when feeling naughty) and the national favorite steamed in Duvel, for just about anytime!

Garlic & Cream Moules!

Bottom line, there is no wrong choice other than NOT ordering moules & frites!

Moules Provencal

But that is only lunch, dinner and after the pub fare. What about the rest of the day? How could I survive on only moules & frites 3x a day! What else does this tiny country with 2 too many languages have to offer my tummy and eyes?

I present you with my Belgian visual Feast…

"Sweet" Breakfast

Macaroons for breakfast? Why not? This served along with yoghurt, fresh fruits and enough pastries to give you a triple by pass by lunchtime.

Please pass the butter

and along came lunch…

Sausages, Cheese & Bread Oh My

There is a serious love affair here with well…wieners. Most are served with amazing cheeses, mustards and fresh-baked breads. Some, just out of a jar. Oh my.

Well, ok, if I must.

Which Dog for you?

Dinner appetizer of choice…a little lovely fried shrimp pate dish called garnaalkroketten served with lemon and parsley.

What beer with fried shrimp pate?

Of course moules for the main course! Now dessert and then a looooong walk.


A country obsessed with waffles smothered in …well, anything you want but mostly ice cream, whipped cream, nuts or fruit. There is an actual ice cream that is waffle flavored. Yeah, I went with that. Waffle on waffle. Why waffle around? Did I really just write that. Jet lag. Yep.


After eating my way through the week, I thought it a good idea to walk a bit. Join me?

Pastoral did you say?

I have a zillion more pics. The country may be small but does not lack in beautiful scenery. Green, lush and straight out of a Flemish painting.

Postcard Perfect

What is your favorite Moules Moment!?

One thought on “More than Moules & Frites

  1. Sanjay Nasta says:

    We got stuck in Belgium for a week when Sabena overbooked. In that era there was one flight per week to India–can you imagine (1972).

    As a kid I was delighted … french fries from street cars (frites), and for breakfast breads, pastries and the richest chocolate milk I’d ever had.

    Interesting where the memorable meals of life come from.

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