Haute n the Kitchen

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Team Turban

Why not, let’s make it Turban Tuesday. I think we should bring the look back and I am willing to host a party to get things rolling. A few convincing thoughts and some inspiring imagery from my travels:

  • Just think of all those bad hair days that will be glamorously rescued!
  • They go with everything!

Bold Statement

  • They work like a sweatband while exercising and are waaay cooler than the headband no?
  • They make you look taller.

Turban Envy

  • You will never get lost in a desert.
  • If necessary they can be used as a spare dress or to lower yourself out of a second story window.


  • They guarantee you a snake charming gig at Burning Man this year!

Tiny Turban

  • They come in all sizes and most important of all (at least for you guys)…


Really, what’s the downside? I am thinking about hosting a Turban Tapas Night! Seriously. What fun would that be? Bring your favorite appetizer and come donning a turban! Tapas & Turbans!

And as the sun goes down…you have the coolest Thinking Cap of them all to sit and comtemplate life under.

Turbans & Tapas - UR Invited!

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