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My newest Addiction

My NYC – Jakarta – Bali – Manila – Shenzhen – Hong Kong 14 day trip is just 6 hrs away from coming to end (if we don’t count the 17hrs to follow that which will be spent in seat 31C, hopefully beside a slender, non garlicky, non snoring, non farting person). Fingers crossed.

I have just arrived to HK airport from Shenzhen China via ferry and am all settled into the lounge waiting for my massage appointment (mental preparation for the 17hr flight of course). I have downloaded the last of my images (from the ferry ride) and thought I would share my 10 BEST of the Trip. So without further adieu…

Rain at Beach

1. Rainy Day at the Beach – I forgot how amazing the light is at the beach when its overcast. I also forgot how nice it is to sit under an umbrella on a beach lounge, with raining coming down all around you. (Added bonus, no beach peddlers on rain days).

Playing in the Rain

2. Bintang – Maybe it was because I had been walking through markets in the hot sun all afternoon and was nearly crawling by the time I hit the beach shack, but that was the best damn beer I have had in years.

Bintang on the Beach

3. Mani/Pedi – on the beach! Ok yeah its true, there is some sandy grit in the pedicure. I look at it as a “texture” pedi – could be a whole new sensation! If Ralph can sell $50 paint cans of sandy lacquer, why can’t it work for nails?

Sandy Mani/Pedi

4. Tribal Shell Necklaces

What earrings with this?

5. Red Frangipani – How have I never seen this? Me, the self-professed frangipani freak did not know that a red color existed! I heart it.

Frangipani Rojo

6. Timbal – Forget Nasi Goreng, I think timbals are the best thing going in Indonesia. *Make note to find Timbal in NYC.

Tasty Timbals

7. Empty Seats – I still get giddy when the doors close and I have a row of empty seats beside me! It’s the little things on the long journeys.

A good flight

8. Rickshaw Buses – The local transport around Manila. I am addicted. They are sooo cool. I was like the “first time tourist” to India who goes home with 500 pictures of cows. I now have a Manila rickshaw bus image for every day of the year.

Rickshaw Buses Rock

9. Creepy Dudes in the bushes – Why anyone would want to find creepy dudes lurking in the bushes is a very good point. Usually this would result in a panicked call to 911. However in Indonesia, its more like a game. There are figures around every corner and they all have this same googly-eyed look about them as if they have been smoking the local flora & fauna. I name them.

Meet Harold

10. Ferry Rides – It’s been awhile since I was on a ferry and I forgot about the experience. They are way better than crossing a bridge to get to the other side! I stood right up front, ala Titanic, and let the salty spray cover me in what was truly a Saturday Night Live skit.

HK-Shenzhen, al fresco

So my only question is, are you coming with me next time so you can sit across from me right now and debate what the top 10 favorites were? I hope so. Won’t be long so get that passport up to date.


– H

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