Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions

I get asked ALOT of questions about my day  J-O-B and why I am always in exotic places like Rajasthan, Manila, Bali, Shenzhen, Jarkarta and Hong Kong; sometimes Paris, often Delhi and every now and then Shanghai, Singapore or Srinighar!

Let’s dismiss the suspect and often “first to think of things” like – drug mule, weapons dealer and sex trafficker. While all have their place, this is not my bag baby! My bag is furniture & textiles. Yeah, bummer of a let down, I know.

Next question after the disappointment has settled in over question #1 is …what do you eat? I like this one. My ever-growing ass apparently does as well, lol. The good news is that in Asia, I am only one parasite away to be being back to my perfect weight! (Oh just kidding, don’t go report me to Tyra, lol).

So, we are going on a field trip! A day in my foodie life while on the road for furniture!

Breakfast of Tropical Champions!

This gorgeous fruit plate is the standard slop at any hotel in SE Asia. Yesterday it happened to be Bali. Awe Darn.

Le Lunch

Lunch – a quick stop at a vendor’s favorite warung in Jakarta turned up this gorgeous fresh salad of chicken satay, fresh chilies, carrot, cukes, celery, green onion, red onion and parsley in a lite vinegar dressing. A staple fresh asian salad. Now, off to the factory…


My man here in the Nikes is roughing out those splinters for you…before he could do this, your other man carved the entire piece from hand…uh hu..

Hand Carved Hunger

On the way back to the hotel to grab bags and go to airport, the 2nd vendor who couldn’t feed me lunch, offers a snack stop. It would be sooo rude not to. A quick stop at a road side shack provided a late afternoon snack of curried calamari with red chili, spicy potatoes, sweet carrots and green beans washed down with a Bintang of course!

Curry Calamari

Goodbye Indonesia, I must be on my way. A late evening flight gives me little choice for dinner and this is more often than not…glamorous huh! Shhh…don’t blow my fabulous lifestyle secrets. At least it was Singapore Airlines to Manila. Best meal in the skies! Last nite it was chicken pasta salad with red chilies of course, fish (who the hell knows what kind) with green beans, yams and boring white potatoes in a tomatoe sauce. Airplane food. Need I say more?

Window Seat 60A dinner

At least I had a view…

Sunset Seating for Dinner

Some days are better, some much worse, some days are more like 2 days on one plane (16 hrs, NYC-Hong Kong). Some days I get all street food, my favorites!

Some days I eat whatever is pushed my way by the vendor I am visiting….which leads me to –

Travel Rule #2 – Eat (even a bite and push the rest around) of whatever is prepared for you by a stranger, a vendor, a family member or anyone else who has taken you in to feed or care for while traveling. It is THE RIGHT THING to do. Run an extra mile tomorrow on the polluted streets. Sit for 30 in a sauna – whatever – just don’t turn down the effort put forth to feed you. It is a real gift, a real honor.

Tell me you favorite travel story when someone unexpected fed you!???

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