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Pretty Pink G&T

Let’s be honest about it – while the Summer’s bounty of succulent corn, juicy peaches & plums, cherries, sun-kissed warm tomatoes, cool cukes, fresh basil and so so much more from the garden is wonderful for fresh seasonal meals – it’s the yummy paired cocktail that really announces the long lazy daze of Summer!

Yeah, I am a real sucker for fresh squeezed lemonade and sun steeped sweet iced tea this time of year. But you throw a shot of Absolut’s Brooklyn Apple Vodka in there and Summer takes a much more relaxed, front porch, rocking chair feel.

Apple Vodka Anyone?

We tend to entertain more in the Summer than any other time of the year outside of the holidaze (which is whole other blog about cocktails). BBQ’s, reunions, pool/lake parties, brunches, picnics and on and on…any excuse to get together share great food and DRINK!

Brooklyn Based showcases a good 50 places a week where you can go and kick back with an iced cold something. I imagine it’s this way in just about every town.


Boozy Brunch

Brunch, ya’ll know its my favorite! While a good spicy Bloody Mary is high on my list, I am at heart a Champagne gal. Just this past weekend we had a Ladies Brunch and ordered up with gusto the Mimosas below. Fresh made strawberry, raspberry and mango juice is kicked up a notch with champagne. Ever heard of a Lilosa? Champagne & pink Grapefruit Juice created by the Ritz in Paris 1925 along with yup, the Mimosa.

Come cocktail hour, I tend toward a G&T. Maybe because it was my Grandmothers drink and its my way of keeping her “traditions” alive, but no matter, I do enjoy the spruce flavor and the light fresh taste of lime mixed in. This summer I took it to a new level.

Hibiscus Heaven

Same ole basic recipe but add 1 hibiscus flower steeped in its own simple syrup (as shown 1st pic). To make it you can either buy it in a jar or make a simple syrup with the flowers. Either way it produces a new and improved pink hued, flower flirting G&T, donning a lime wedge hat.

Muddle Muddle

A Mojito is my long drink of choice in the Summer. There are so many ways to enjoy this cocktail. Original version of course with muddle limes & mint in powdered sugar, club soda & Cacacha Brazilian Rum. Hard to improve on that, but I offer you two other tasty versions in the book…Lemonade Mojito (replace club soda with lemonade) or Lemongrass Mojito (add fresh grated lemongrass to the muddle mix!

I like the lemonade one for a countryside picnic and the lemongrass version for a seafood BBQ feast or clam bake.

While a refreshing cocktail is always a pleasant departure, I am Wine Goddess at heart. It’s the Italian blood I guess? Here are my favorite pics of the Summer 2010!

White Wine – Vhino Verde (Portughese) – A bit effervescent, light, crisp and dry. It has a low alcohol content so is a perfect choice for a beach outing or picnic in the park! Here is my favorite brand at the moment (available at Smith & Vine in Brooklyn).

In Vino Veritas

White Wine – Vermentino (Italian) – Minerals, Dry, Crisp and just a hint of citrus. Fab with fish but it has enough body that you could drink with pork and chicken and it will hold up quite lova-ley!

Pink Perfection

Rose – oh yes, I said it out loud! I drink pink wine. This is not the pink zinfandel of lore. Hell no. This is a new generation of rose wines that are dry and crisp with lots of mineral and little of fruit. Go on, give it a try, you might find yourself a convert! Shocking! My dear friend Elizabeth turned me on to this scrumptious rose from South Africa. Mulderbosch Rose. Hey, it is the Summer for SA right?!

Warning! Delish

Red – Hard to swallow on a hot Summers day, I will be the first to admit. Let’s shelve it til October 😉 unless you find yourself in the Ice Hotel or say, Siberia. Then I would go for some yummy Kanonkop Kadette from South Africa, continuing in the spirit of the World Cup 2010!

Oh! Sometimes we just need one of these…

Oh Yeah

Am I way off? What is your favorite Summer Quencher?

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