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Final game of the 2010 World Cup Games is  a mere 3 hours away and I am finding it hard to believe that it has come and gone already. This Summer has been like one of those from my childhood, gone before it got here! It is flying by and I am not sure if that is because its my first in Brooklyn as a newly single gal about town OR because I have been off the “ho chi minh” trail of work travel in Asia since May OR because my frequent stops at the Mister Softee truck make me feel like a little girl of 7 again reaching up with my shiny coins to pay the larger than life, child molesting, carnie looking man in the window who was holding my vanilla cone (no sprinkles, I am a purist).

Vanilla Cone, hold the Sprinkles

But I digress. Espana VS. Netherlands today on this beautiful sunny 90 degree Sunday in July. Brunch with the girls beforehand and a long nap to follow the game are all on today’s agenda. Rather like a long leisure day in Spain, no? Yes, I am pro Spain on this one. I heart Spain, the food, the fashion, the coast, the cities…not sure there is much I don’t fancy about Espana! Did I mention the men are hot too. Always a bonus.

Tapas are one of my most favorite ways to eat. Little nibbles of deliciousness enjoyed casually with friends and family over Sangria with no regard for time or “to do lists”. A good way to live. A long siesta after only sweetens the deal. My book has a few parties that are tapas style eating, so to honor the game today and Espana and my love of this foot loose and fancy free Summer here are a few of my favorite tapas dishes from the book.

Sassy Sangria

Sangria, pg.174


Coconut Panko Crusted Shrimp with Peanut Dipping Sauce, pg. 133

No Double Dippin

Chick with a Kick Hummus Dip, pg. 121


Andoille & Tomato Frittata or Torta, pg. 33

Warm Olive Medley, pg. 109 (Warming olives releases more of their oils making them even more delish)

Want the recipes? Buy the book! LOL


One thought on “World Cup Tapas…Viva Espana!

  1. divij bhasin says:

    muy bien…………!!!

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