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Medium Raw Signing

*Notice MY book lying next to his right arm. Brought him one as token of my affection. Hope he at least reads the introduction. I think he might actually grin over my “veal encounter”.

To Heather

He was all that I expected and more. The reading was well delivered, witty, sharp and to the point. The Q&A had a few classic Anthony moments.

Guest – “Do you have a go-to pizza place?” Anthony – “Yes”.     (He did, after a long pause and a peel of crowd laughter, offer up Sarafina as a good pizza fix).

Of course someone asked about Ruth Bourdain. He said he has a few suspicions as to who it might be but would rather the tweets go on forever. He is obviously flattered by it but also quite intrigued by the whole thing. He turned down an invite to do an event with Ruth solely based on how weird it would be in light of RB.

I waited a good two hours to get my book signed which was ample time for me to knock back the first 100 pages. Classic Bourdain. The introduction tells of an invite only private dinner with the top chefs in the game right now and how they were served Ortolan. Tres cool. Buy the book.

Nuff said, he was amazing. I was a wee bit star struck and my crush has elevated to uber-crush.

Was anyone else there?

PS… Anthony, call me. Let’s do lunch.

One thought on “Anthony Bourdain

  1. Anonymous says:

    He’d be lucky to have u

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