Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions

Part Deux

In 35 minutes theatre reels will hit the GO button and Sex and the City 2 will splash against the big screen nationwide. In the light of toxic oil leaks, global warming (it is still 85 degrees in NYC as I write this), Ash clouds and the people who still buy really bad 70’s furniture – this movie opening barely sparks in comparison. But hey, we chicks need something to take our minds off the demise of our Mother. Mother Earth. We need some girlie relief. Some really over the top feminine chic flick action to remind us of things like Valentino dresses, Jimmy Choo shoes, sweet pink cocktails,  of how much our friends mean to us and yeah – some hopeless fairy tale shit as the icing on the proverbial cupcake (it replaced the cake some time ago, where have you been?)

My old school Cobble Hill, Brooklyn movie theatre has a line down the street right now and as Sula and I took our last evening pup stroll, I can tell you there was not one person in that line with bait and tackle (and yes I did just go there). In the spirit of SNC2 of course. Making Samantha proud.

So, here is what I propose if you are not standing in one of these lines right now or just about to tuck your face into a tub of buttered corn –

Get on the horn in the AM, call the ladies and tell them the pre-theatre cocktails and appetizers are at your place tomorrow night! Yes, be spontaneous. Do it! Carrie wouldn’t think twice about it except that she would be ordering take out noodles for everyone or hoping that Charlotte rocks up with some Entenmann’s cakes.

Classic Coffee Rocks

Tell the ladies to break out their head scarves and high heels, throw in the *extra fashion element to show “who’s your girl” and not to forget the perfect handbag for the evening. Me, I am Carrie and I don’t just say that because its 11:46pm and I am typing on my Apple in front of the window in my 3rd story brownstone apt.

Carrie's Brownstone

So the girls are called, emailed, texted or FB’d and now its time to do a little cocktail party planning. Take ease, here it is… all packaged in a pretty blue Tiff box!

Decor– Its a pre-theatre cocktail party so no need to pull out all the stops. Grab some of those gorgeous pink peonies that are in every corner shop right now and break out your Moroccan tea glasses (you do have some right?) No – then anything colored or in the shape of a martini glass will do. Pick up some pretty pink or turquoise or even mint paper napkins and plates for the appetizers. Mix the colors, keep it SNC feminine. That’s it! Ok you overachiever – pull out a few of your finest 5″ heels (one of each) and place one on hall entry table, one on coffee table and one or two around the pad. Keep them off the food table, eh? We know where those heels have been young lady! Perhaps a few fabulous cocktail/evening dresses strewn across the back of a chair or hanging caddy in a doorway would add a fun element as well. The ladies will love and probably want to borrow next week 🙂 !

Movie Set in Morocco!

Cocktail –  So the cocktail is a no-brainer. Cosmos. The classic. (1.5 oz Absolut Citron, .5 oz Cointrea, .25 oz fresh squeezed lime juice and 1 oz. cranberry juice. Stat.) Shake, strain, pour. Garnish – your call!

The Classic Cosmo

Menu – An appetizer for each of our fabulous ladies of course!

Samantha – Sautéed Shrimp with a harissa dipping sauce (A little something spicy)

Charlotte – Classic Cucumber Sandwiches with a twist (Our traditionalist who every now and then pleasantly surprises)

Carrie – Chinese noodles with scallions, ginger, garlic, lime and soy served in take-out boxes with a fortune cookie (’cause we all know the girl can’t cook!)

Miranda – Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches (our gal with the sweet tooth)

Make it fun with cute labels on each (Samantha’s  Spicy Shrimp, Charlotte’s Not so Classic Cukes, Carries Speed Dial Favorite, Miranda’s Munchies). You get the idea.

The skinny on food preparation –

Samantha’s Spicy Shrimp –


Buy fresh, peeled, tail on shrimp, saute them in a little olive oil with some garlic and fresh squeezed lime. Serve them up with store-bought harissa sauce. Yes, you can make your own and if you have the luxury before your party then please do. It’s not hard and there are several variations but basically we are talking about throwing cumin, red peppers, garlic, coriander and lemon juice in a food processor with streaming olive oil until you have a pesto like sauce. The harissa is fun for this shrimp as it is a North African staple and well…yeah the girls romp around Morocco in the movie.

Grill or Saute

Charlotte’s Not so Classic Cukes

Love the English for making it simple, but flavorless. Start with the classic white bread (crusts cut off) base. Then in a small bowl mix goat cheese, fresh chopped mint, a squeeze of lime and some fresh chopped arugula. Blend until soft, spread on the bread. Then, add those paper-thin cuke slices on top.

Not So English

Carrie’s Speed Dial Fav –

Ramen will work well or for the healthy choice buy some soba noodles. Par boil the noodles. Drain. In a saucepan heat up some olive oil, chopped scallions, chopped garlic and ginger. Lightly saute then add the noodles, add the soy and the fresh lime. Toss til incorporated. Season with S&P. Simple but yummy. Keep warm but serve the ladies their portions in little white take out boxes and give each a fortune cookie. It is a sacrilege to not have a fortune cookie if you are eating out of a take out box no?

Generic Boxes are Best

Miranda’s Munchies –

Bake a classic brownie recipe. Let cool then slice into halves so you have a top and bottom. Use any ice cream flavor that appeals to you. I think a good vanilla is always a winner. Cut the cold ice cream to fit the shape of the brownie and make sammies. Keep in freezer til ready to serve.

Brownie Love

With all that fun being had, don’t forget your theatre start time!

Let me know how your cocktail party goes! What did you do different? What other fun appetizers would work to the personalities of the ladies?

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