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A Good Start

My cooking demo at Bilotta Kitchens is tomorrow night so I spent the majority of my day getting prepped and tweaking the flavors here and there.

I am preparing 3 appetizers that are a fusion of Italian and Balinese. They are perfect for this time of year; lite and fresh with a little kick provided courtesy of some Thai chilis!

The first is a chilled watermelon soup flavored by lemongrass, ginger, garlic, shallots and fresh italian parsley. It is a home run recipe! It’s in my book and people write to me all the time what a hit it was when they made it. It is wonderful just by itself but is also tasty with some fresh crab meat and an avocado garnish. Oh yeah. You want the recipe you say? Well, buy the book! I can’t give it all away ya know. 🙂

The second app is a Balinese Meatball! Ha right? Rather than beef or pork, it’s a shrimp meatball and is spiced with red curry paste and fresh parsley. They are pan sautéed and then hit with a chili ginger glaze. This would be great as a main served with some vermicelli or glass noodles.

The third is a Bali Bruschetta. A fresh pea and mint pesto on crostini topped with a crunchy salad of asian pear, granny smith apple, chili, fish sauce and parsley. It’s basically a green papaya salad but with pear and apple instead. The pea pesto is fresh and zings with lemon and the mint. The creamy texture is the perfect complement to the crisp salad. A perfect bite if I don’t say so myself.

I made two sample batches of the salad; one with thai chili fresh and julienned and the other with red chili sauce. I actually preferred the fresh thai chili as it was not too much heat but gave a nice warmth to your palette. Wanna see for yourself? Come on down tomorrow night from 6-9 and sample all the goodies!

Pesto Ingredients

and now...Puree!

Pretty Pea Pesto Please

Crusty Crunchy Caputo Crostino

Just One to test...or 2

The Third!

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