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Cinco de Mayo Partay!

As if we really need a good excuse to drink margaritas! Ah, it helps ease the guilty drinking conscience if we can put it down to “our little contribution” to keeping a national holiday alive and kicking. It is a national holiday right? Surely by now.

This year I find myself at 7:23pm sitting in a Starbucks blogging because my home internet is down and apparently I got really old in the last 24 hrs and am preferring to sit here in this ice box (is that so we will drink more coffee?) rather than in the garden at Pacifico knocking back big margs. I’ll give myself a stern talking to later about this behavior but in the meantime, I want to tell you about the rocking party I threw last year (when I apparently remembered how to party).

From preppy to pinatay

One of my day jobs is as owner of a luxury outdoor garden/event tent company. We design custom outdoor textiles and then “dress” the most amazing tents in these fabrics for weddings, parties, Hollywood events, movie sets, resorts, hotels …ya get it. Last Cinco de Mayo I had the boyz put up my preppy pretty pink & green tent in the fabulous backyard of a friend who agreed to co-sponsor the partay.

Viva la margarita!

We decked it all out with pinatas, string lights, paper flowers and a serious bar equipped to make killer margs, miciladas and brews. I commissioned a cactus cake that was wearing a sombrero and drinking a margarita (hey, it sounded like a good idea at the time ok!)

I had to go there

Beef Empanadas, lobster enchiladas (my recipe from the book), homemade extra limey guacamole, fresh steamed tamales filled with pulled pork and roasted green chiles, flautas, homemade tortillas and cold refreshing watermelon salad were some of the headliners at the party. That was one thing about living in Austin TX – the most amazing homemade Mexican food with the freshest ingredients.

Lobster Enchiladas

A live mariachi band strolled the yard making us all feel like we had rocked up to a bad wedding reception (again, it was good in theory). The sombrero did make for fun “drunk hats” later in the evening. The good news is I hired a kick ass DJ as well who kept the Mexican hat dance at bay.

Before the Sombrero

While it may be a bit late to get your own Gypsy Faire Tent in the yard for tonites activities, don’t fret! It’s just the beginning of Summer and this is one of the first opportunities to move the party outside! The tents are all custom-made exactly for you so start dreaming about what yours is going to look like. Then start dreaming of all the parties you are going to have this summer under your tent – intimates dinner parties, pool parties, 4th of July, cookouts, kegs and wine tastings.

Bear with me, I don’t push my own agenda that often 😉

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I think I will try to get out of this Starbucks and go see if I can redeem my self with a margarita served in a plastic cactus cup! Viva.

Homemade Tortillas

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