Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions


Is it me or is everybody is a good mood in the Spring?

Sidewalks seem filled with smiling faces, shared laughs among friends, love struck gaga eyes among couples and the smile on the face of the stranger who mirrors yours. Spring is like being love for the first time.

Entertaining in the Spring has a different vibe/buzz than other times of the year. Everyone is so eager to get out after the long winter, meet up with friends and get out of the house. Hosting an outdoor event doesn’t get much better than in the spring. All the bulb flowers are in bloom, the trees are that yummy sweet color of new green and the air is a fragrance that should be in a bottle so we can be reminded of it in January.

I took a long run today into Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge. This run takes me through Brooklyn Heights, a beautiful historic neighborhood that has been well preserved and boasts a plethora of stunning brownstones. There was chatter in the air today and it wasn’t just among the songbirds. Rooftop decks, back gardens and even small terraces were abuzz with activity. Spring Entertaining at its finest! Some gatherings had fancy dress and Sunday hats, some had J. Crew madras shorts and polo shirts, some had hipster vintage wear and a few reminded me of why I was running – bikini weather is here! AHHHH

By the end of the run I had a Spring dinner party all planned out. So here, don’t be shy, take it, run with it…Summer is knocking at the door! Celebrate these last weeks of Spring!

Gypsy Faire Tent



Mint Juleps

Lemon, Honey & Chili Prawn Skewers

Herby Halibut w/ Hollandaise (in da book, pg. 151)

Ginger Coconut Rice

Grilled Mixed Veg w/Pesto Glaze

Caramelized Mango Cheeks w/Coconut Gelato

Herby Halibut!

Decor : Hopefully you have a great outdoor space where you can entertain. If not, bring the outdoors in! Tulips, Hyacinths and Cherry Blossom branches all scream of Spring and will give your space the scent of the season. Fresh crisp linens in either white, pale pink or pastel mint echo the outdoor palette. Tie your napkins with long strands of chive and fill clear water pitchers with lemons and lime slices.

Set each place setting with a tiny vase holding one dandelion. When everyone is gathered, rather than a traditional toast, have your guests make a wish on the dandelion! Hope Springs Eternal!

Wine: White Burgundy will pair nicely with all of these dishes as they each contain some “heat”. A Pinot Grigio is a close second. A dry rose would be quite nice as well. I would go with Mulderbosch Rose.

Spring under the Bridge

*Leave a request for any recipes in the menu! They are all super easy and quick to prepare.

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