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I only have a few minutes but I wanted to say hi and share some of my whirlwind week with you. I left Brooklyn on Friday night, Continental flight 82 to Delhi seat 18L. I will be back to Brooklyn in under one weeks time. That will make the fastest trip I have ever logged to India. I will have been to 3 cities, taken 4 flights, 2 three-hour car rides, visited 7 factories, attended 1 wedding and inshahalla, will not have had to squat pee more than twice. (It’s the little things).

I am in between buying 6ft antique pots and designing a new textile print so let’s just hit the highlights shall we…

What! No Stilettos?

Obviously a real setback on my 2nd flight…no hair lacquer, swords or stilettos!

The Groom Arrives

Went to this man’s wedding, whom I might add, kept his new bride waiting for 45 minutes after his expected arrival time. That would so not fly in the US. Think he blamed the horse?


Woke up to this good news of a fresh week of Spring temperatures!Ā  Should I carry a wrap today?

Carved Block Print Sample

Designed this, must decide what colors…any ideas?

The Office

Decided to make this my late afternoon office šŸ™‚Ā  Nap? Are you suggesting I took a nap here? How dare you.

So, off to dinner after my fifth shower of the day. Its hot and sticky and sticky and hot. Not sure why I bother but I am sure my dinner companions will appreciate at least the most recent shower.

While in my afternoon office I got to dreaming I mean thinking about who from Indian history I would invite to an imaginary dinner party. Gandhi? Doubt he would eat much little less appreciate my cooking. Nehru? Something spicy and controversial for sure hmmm…offal in red chili sauce.

Who would you have to dinner and what would you serve?

3 thoughts on “All in a Days Work

  1. Sanjay Nasta says:

    That was an interesting era in India’s history. I’ve been reading on it so it’s on top of mind. Akbar recieved correspondence from Queen Elizabeth regarding his religious tolerance. He had put together a meeting of the great religious minds of the day in order to figure out how to live together…

  2. Heather says:

    ohhh I like it Sanjay! I actually would like to find a cookbook here that has some of the very very ancient recipes from this time. Maybe a project for this evening šŸ™‚

  3. Sanjay Nasta says:

    One of the Mughul Emperor’s….Akbar? They’d appreciate your fine cooking….

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