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I finally attended my first supper club since I have moved to Brooklyn. No longer a virgin in this matter, I can smoke that post-supper cig now and reflect on what a great night it was 😉

I have had my eye on a few different supper clubs here in Brooklyn since mid-January when I really began to research the possibilities. Funny enough, The Ted and Amy Supper Club was not on my radar at all until only a few weeks ago. Happens like that in life, doesn’t it?! I read about The Ted & Amy in one of my daily email subscriptions about food happenings around NYC. Not only did the theme look great – I WAS GOING TO BE IN TOWN! While this seems trivial to many of you, it a BFD for me given my travel schedule. I booked it in a blink.

Kara, the gracious hostess, opens up her own apt as the venue for each dinner. Her roommate happily accepts the fringe benefits! Kara had selected a Portuguese theme for the dinner inspired by a trip she had taken there last year. A friend of hers is Portuguese and he helped plan the menu and served as sous chef.

The dinner started at 8 and my guest and I had absolutely no idea what to expect as we arrived at the address that had been emailed only hours before. Door was open so we cruised in and were immediately handed glasses of cold Vinho Verde (Green Wine). Off to a good start. The wine is slightly effervescent so it tasted a bit like bubbly but was very dry and clean with hints of grass and apple. Refreshing. Others arrived and soon the room was buzzing with “where do you live, what do you do, first supper club or professional etc… There was an ad exec, a journalist, a writer, a few editors, a hair dresser, an interior designer, a TV producer, a Cinematographer & a baker, a butcher…oh no – that is another story. You get the idea…an eclectic crowd!

Soon we were called to the table and Kara took to preparing the first course. The evening went very smoothly and everything was great. Nando had made homemade chourico, which I can still taste and he brought a few bottles of his families homemade table wine. A nice touch I thought. Thanks Nando!

The Menu

Inspired by Portugal
with Guest Sous Chef, Nando de Carvalho

Camarão à Guilho
Shrimp in garlic sauce

Sopa de favas com maçãs
Chilled fava bean soup with apples & Fried Shallot

Amêijoas na cataplana
Clams and chouriço in a cataplana

Citrus-scented Port Flan

Sorry R! Not for you 😦

Rich & Velvetty

Supper Club Crew

and then...

Happiness in a bowl

The table had a few temptations floating around during dinner as well…there were plump green and black olives, fresh portuguese bread with a divine dip and both red and white Portuguese wines.

Kara & Nando

The night held another 1st for me in Brooklyn. I finally took the G train. Again, no big deal for most of the world, buts its all my baby steps into this brave new Brooklyn world that excite me. Ok, yeah, I am just easily amused 🙂

Let me know if have attended any supper clubs either here or there?! I want all the juicy details!

Thanks Kara for the culinary inspiration! Thanks R for taking a chance!

A sweet ending…

Port Flan

4 thoughts on “Supper Club No. 1, Brooklyn

  1. Heather says:

    Most Welcome Kara. We really enjoyed it. I can’t wait for the next!

  2. Kara says:

    Thanks Heather for the great write up!! I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself. It was a fabulous crowd, and I’m happy you were able to be part of it! Hope you can come back for me dinners. -kara

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