Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions

I am in High Point NC for furniture market this weekend. It is a bi-annual pilgrimage I have been making for the past 13 years, yes, hard to believe!

It is bittersweet coming to market for me since I grew up in North Carolina. Its is comforting and familiar to return to the places and spaces of my youth, to see familiar faces and hear that good ole southern accent gently rolling off the local tongues. I crave the flavors of my childhood. On the other hand, I am dealing with ego-centric designers, irrational retailers and am constantly playing witness to bad design and worse, companies who choose to copy and knock off great design rather than innovate or find their own style. A tragedy in our industry.

I take refuge in our sun filled and washed showroom. Our High Point “home” is an old historic factory building that is floor to ceiling glass, 3 stories tall on the front side. Filled with inspired design,  breathtaking merchandising & unique vintage treasures it is an oasis for our customers.

As I wake this Sunday morning I am warmed by the Spring sun and by the thoughts of yummy southern flavors on my list for the day. That thought is only sweetened by the design inspiration before me and I begin to plan a dinner party to take place back in Brooklyn embracing all the inspiration I feel right now.

A few high lights from High Point…

Fresh off the plane I immediately seek out…

Kissed by Southern Sunshine

Inspiration for  a dinner party centerpiece…go ahead mix your greens!

Mix Veg Still Life

The BoBo Look… http://www.bobointriguingobjects!

Delicious Design

Finders Keepers

Hungry for more? How about lunch…fried green tomatoes with a homemade pimento cheese spread and for dessert…a classic NC sweet! Hey, the “HOT” light was on…it would have been rude not to 🙂

Fried Green Tomatoe!

Southern Tradition

Best when pipin' hot

Stay tuned for more delicious designs and flavors from down

South ya’ll! What is your favorite down South food? Boiled Peanuts? Collard Greens? Pulled Pork?

On Entertaining: A great Southern tradition is the “potluck” supper. Challenge your friends to each research and make a down south dish and gather together for a relaxed Sunday afternoon supper complete with sweet tea!

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