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On Capri Italy, 1995

There is no substitution for your oldest dearest friend(s). They know you better than you know (or admit to) yourself. They call you on your shit. They make you laugh at memories long stored away. They share comfortable silence. They are food for our souls and are better than any medicine.

My oldest dearest friend is in town from Germany. The last time she was in NYC, we were both 16 and she was living with my family as an exchange student. We didn’t like each other much then. Too much “female at 16” going on. Hard to remember as now we are the very best of friends. No, sisters, that’s what we are.

We are creating a new NYC experience and it has been without a flaw except that my side is in permanent pain from all the laughter. We share the same DNA when it comes to exploring a city or place and it has been amazing…this is what we have been up to. Food centric for sure – oh shocking!

To Old Friends

Friday Night, she arrives at 6 – “Catching up on the details” @ Jake Walk –  Local Cheeses &  Cured Meats Antipasta  from Stinky Cheese with red wine.

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning – Fresh flowers from the Carroll Gardens green market for the apartment and international design magazines to read in the park.

Brooklyn Flea Market!

We spent the afternoon at the Brooklyn Flea Market where we scored the cutest vintage metal serving trays, a pair of Italian vintage sunglasses (tres chic pour moi) and a black ring that is bigger than my hand. I heart it.

Vintage Kitchen Bric Brac

Saturday evening we decided to cook together. Fresh local fish pan sautéed with a “pesto” of cilantro, lemon zest, garlic and mint accompanied by an arugula salad, a nice dry Sancerre and a serious chic flick – Bride Wars!

Dinner and a Movie

Sunday Morning long walk with Ms. Sula to the Brooklyn Bridge, stroll through DUMBO, lattes, girl talk, cappuccino, lots of laughter – sunshine.

Brooklyn Bridge

Monday Afternoon – Cute Spring dresses, strappy sandals and ladies lunch @ The Spotted Pig in the west village. Had the yummiest tart – lightly fried prosciutto on a crispy flaky tart shell topped with homemade ricotta, lemon zest, arugula pesto and fresh field greens washed down with mint tea.

The Spotted Pig

Tuesday Night – Tapas at the bar @ Frankies 457 in Brooklyn which led to drinks at Bar Great Harry, where we met friends, which led to more drinks, which led to this scene this morning in dark sunglasses….

Beverage Indecision

Nap Time

and a nap.

Now getting ready to cook “The Last Supper” as we have christened it. Espresso, Cocoa, Chili dry rub on beef tenderloin with roasted cauliflower flavored with sea salt, olive oil and a balsamic glaze, spring potatoes with creme fraiche and fresh chives, balsamic black pepper macerated strawberries with an amaretto crumble and all topped off with more laughter, more memories and more reasons why we should see our old friends more often.

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5 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Heather says:

    I do! I would love to. Have been wanting to explore the food scene down there. Not sure when though!

  2. levoltz says:

    Do you plan to come to south India, anytime?


  3. Teri Pasley says:

    I was thinking about that friend of yours the other day! Remember when I came to do an article on her for the Post? It was snowing, and you all made asparagus wrapped in bacon! I hope she is doing wonderfully well!

  4. Heather says:

    It was the perfect day Megan!
    Weims are amazing pets. Ms. Sula is just a gem and I would be lost without her. As you can see, she thinks she owns the place. My friend soon learned that she would sharing the sofa with Sula for her nap.

  5. Megan Gordon says:

    OH my gosh, sounds like the perfect day. That flea market looks awesome! And what a babe you’ve got laying beside you there…(I’m a big weimaraner fan).

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