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Room with a View

Its dinner time in Hong Kong and I am hungry. Some cold limp plain wheat toast with dishwater coffee for late breakfast is long gone and good riddance. Two shrimp dim sum dumplings from a street vendor tasted great around 3 and then, made a dramatic exit. Hey, it happens, its Asia! I can’t always paint a perfect picture. Life happens out here. 🙂

Afternoon Tea & Dim Sum

While, given the whole “be here now” philosophy,  I should embrace something like this…

Daffy for Dinner?

You will have to forgive me if i am still living in the, not so distant, past and cannot get the fresh flavors of Bali out of my head and off of my tongue. I was smitten. Charmed. Seduced really. I didn’t stand a chance.


The romance took off from the start, a cocktail. A mojito. One of my classic favorites. Yet, Bali, that naughty lover, took it to new heights. Titled the “Mojito pour femme” it included all the classic flavors plus fresh rose petals and a dash of lemongrass. The scent was heaven, the taste…”Um can I have another” – only 15 minutes into the relationship.

Mojito pour Femme

Then Bali delivered a little snack. A tease? Gorgeously flavored minced chicken, grilled to perfection on a lemongrass skewer accompanied by a mini fresh spring roll with prawn, cucumber, red chili and a dab of peanut sauce – I am growing weak.


After the second mojito I was losing self control with Bali, so, in what I thought a rectifying move, I ordered dinner. A perfect scallop dry rubbed with tumeric and curry then grilled and served with a teaspoon of pistou. It came to me with a small salad of matchstick carrot, zucchini, red chili and ginger with flat leaf parsley & basil, a dash of rice vinegar and a WHOLE lot of FLIRT. I was not winning this battle. While dining, I noticed that bats kept dipping into the beautiful tree overhead. I asked the name and the waiter said it was a “Ketapang”. It bears no fruit. It only bears a flower so to feed the birds and bats. At this point, weak in the knees is an understatement. I order some pall bearers and got carried back to my room. Oh no, sorry, that was fantasy! I actually just walked back, surrounded by this…

Trail Home

Next night – dinner! Who cares what I did all day? Truth, I waited for dinner 🙂

At sunset, like any good Balinese tourist, I headed off to Ku De Ta for the “light show”. Sunset here is divine. Kites, surfers in the sunset, cocktails on ice. Everyone is here, the house music is a mantra and the world gets set right…all in beachwear. What could be better?

Bali Sunset @ Ku De Ta

Breathless Bali

After the sunset, I am hungry! Headed to restaurant and ordered a glass of wine. It came with a locally made bread basket (no biggie) that had 3 accompaniments. Butter, not so much. Olive oil, been there. Whipped tuna cream. Hair rising on neck and the affair is about to light up I can tell.

Tuna on Toast

There was some mild flirtation at the pool earlier, fresh fruit skewers offered every 30 minutes, seductive watermelon juice shots and carrot ginger apple “tastes” for cleansing the blood. I was falling.

24 hr. Cheeks oh my

First course arrived. Black Cod with a tomatoe chili chutney served three ways. Three chances to capture my heart. First was tiny matchstick roasted eggplant with basil and parsley. Second attempt at my undying love was a roasted lychee with same matchstick eggplant, chili, parsley. Final attempt – added green chili to really spice things up.

I was holding strong.

Second course. 24 Hr. Beef Cheeks. Softly slowly cooked in red curry, kaffir lime leaf, coconut leaf, red wine, lemongrass and some ginger and served in a small bowl with absolutely every attitude of being perfect. It was. I wanted to order another. Is that wrong? Love has no boundaries right?

Sunset Ceremony

As if Bali didn’t know that I had given over in every way, it gave me lemon and passionfruit sorbet as a final gesture. If you insist. It would have been rude not to. 🙂

Seductive Sorbet

So, you see, this why I am having a hard time tonight with choosing dinner in Hong Kong. Its overcast and misty. Its a giant city that doesn’t love me, like Bali. It’s a different kind of place in a different mood Guess its time to make friends…

Symphony of Lights

So given that is has been over 35 days since I have had beef and I am now in an international city, I think its time for a Moo. I am going to watch the “Symphony of Lights” on the 18th Floor of my hotel overlooking the bay, dine on some wagyu beef skewers, bid Bali farewell and say “Hello Hong Kong”. One in every port right?

Waygu Beef Bites yes please

Symphony of Lights...

Um… you won’t want to miss the next post. I took a walk today and found some …well…interesting things.

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