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Try Saying Gbye to this...w/out Tears

Direct flight NYC to Delhi is the perfect flight, in theory. No layover in Europe, no phone calls, emails, texts or batwoman signals for a solid 14 hours. Plenty of movies to catch up on, chapters to read and winks to recoup are all of the things I look forward to on this flight. In theory.

In reality one might, for example, be on the window seat (which she did request) of a 3 seat row. The other two seats might be occupied by women who qualify for the 2 seat purchase (each) AND they might have an infant. May the fun and games begin. We played this really fun game called “wait til Heather falls asleep then try to lift the seat arm so that we can spill”. Good thing I sleep with one eye open. 🙂 LOL.

My hotel is the Indian knock off of a W so I arrived to a bumping, heaving, hip hop, full lights up lobby on a Delhi Friday night. Oh lucky me. With only a slightly cranky voice did I demand my key ASAP with no fresh flower or juice welcome, no baggage handlers, no 20 minute interview of why I chose Delhi as my destination tonight and what I might hope for on this trip. Its “Incredible India” alright. Room. Shower. Set alarm. Texts of my safe arrival. Pillow. Hello 6:30 AM.

Good Morning Delhi TV

Grab remote. See this guy waving his hands.

Then this guy, I think we were praying or chanting or maybe just ranting. It’s all good.


Great day at the Handicrafts fair. Some interesting new vendors, new material applications and ALOT of the expected who is copying who now. The vendor babysitting begins.

Now…dinner…oh what happened to lunch? you ask. Um, a trade show convention center in rural India happened to lunch. I can’t relive it, so lets move on. Dinner is where we are.

Started with Tom Yum Chicken Soup – this was not my expected Thai version with a light lemon grass broth with galangal. This little number was also given a healthy dose of chili oil and some seriously fire roasted tomatoes. I could feel the flush coming on and it was bringing a smile to my face and a heat to my tongue. Note: chunks of lemon grass and galangal look very tempting. Advice: Best not go there.

Tom Yum Yum

Entrée  – Appetizer portion of Stir Fried Prawns with Lemon Grass & Roasted Chilli (aka, tongue numbing shrimp)

Prawns on Fire

This was fine, so fine. Gorgeous plump prawns (shrimp ya’ll) stir fried in no sh– chilli oil with fresh green onion, garlic, tomatoes, red bell pepper, lemon grass and garnished with scallion tops. You can’t stop eating it. The hotter your mouth becomes, the pinker your cheeks and the wider your eyes – makes you only want more!

The good news. I won’t need blush tomorrow. I have a natural glow.

In my room now…watching this…I think the jet lag has kicked in 🙂

Indian Good Morning America!

Nighty Nite.

PS. Dear Anthony,

Anything you can do, I can do better. 🙂 LOL. Call me.

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