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Goodbye Cheese

I usually don’t participate in Lent. No reason. Just never felt the need to relinquish any of my bad vices in February. It’s cold, grey and dreary already – why make it worse with a little self-torture?

However today while walking Ms. Sula I made the decision to play. So I got to thinking about what to give up. Coffee? Not a chance. Alcohol? No, it goes back to that cold, grey and dreary.

I then coughed. I have this nagging little cough for a few weeks now. A gift from Paris where I spent a cold rainy day outside at the flea market. My cough is rich with uh um uh …phlegm. So Sexy I know. So right then and there I decided to give up DAIRY. That should clean up all that milkiness dwelling in my left lung. Now, I have to confess a little something here. I leave tomorrow for Asia and will be gone for a month. There is no dairy (basically) in Asia. So, I can’t say this is going to be a real challenge. I am a total cheese monger, but Asia basically has no cheese products (no, we cannot call paneer cheese, seriously). I will have to go black on the coffee but that is do-able. I will miss my morning yoghurt but fresh papaya and mango will be good solace.

Dairy Daydream

So on I walked and found myself drooling in front of a sweet little bakery by my house. Mounds of chocolate truffles, brownies, cupcakes and cookies. I am a cookie fan. I love a good chocolate chip cookie. Nothing better with some milk or a latte in the afternoon. So, in I went to get a latte and a cookie.

Cookies & "Milk"

It was then that I remembered that I had only a few blocks before given up dairy. Sh–. So, I decided to also give up SUGAR. Who wants a cookie without the milk. Again, I admit this is a lame lent choice as the sweets in Asia are well…revolting, to not put too fine a point on it. So if I can just make it to the plane tomorrow then I am going sugar-free as well.

I will be the first to admit these are lame choices since they are basically not available to me anyway after tomorrow. However, I will hold my head high in my choices and hopefully will return to the US with having left Sr. Phlegm behind and a sugar-free body.


How long is Lent again?

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One thought on “Lame Lent

  1. That is totally lame!!! but WHAT A GREAT IDEA–i’m gonna give up stuff you can only get in asia:) will you send me a list so it is official:)
    oh yea and lent ends on easter welcome to the catholic world:)

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