Haute n the Kitchen

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I just had THE best night out! 😉

159 9th Street, Chelsea

It started at 6 and was finished at 9:45 and was more packed full of QT  (quality time, get with it peeps) than a night that goes to 4am and ends over runny eggs and a beer. Oh yes, it can happen. But not tonight, so lets not spoil the moment.

What makes the perfect night out?

1. The Company – I had the distinct pleasure of being invited out tonight with my two most favorite interior designers in NYC (www.bradleythiergartnerinteriors.com). Not only is their firm and their work outstanding, they are two of THE most wonderful people I know. You know you are in for a good night when after the first hugs and kisses you hear “let me soak you in, you smell just like you are supposed to”.  GUYS – listen up – that is HAUTE!!!! It can be truly stated that there were no lack of words tonight. The last 4 hours covered it ALL. Check please. If only smart women and gay men could rule the world 🙂

I sat at this end of the head of table 🙂

2. The Venue – 9th Ave between 19 & 20th – Tipsy Parsons! What a sweet spot. Location is divine. Name just rocks – anything with tipsy in the name clearly has a finger on the pulse 🙂 The “theme” is Southern so guess who felt just perfectly at home. Decor is “eh” but it works. Note: the bar is REALLY noisy  – try to get a table in the back room, which is ahhhh.

3. Grub – Friends are great, venue is lovely – but what is on the plate people!

I had the best meal I have had in a restaurant since I can remember. Honest. I had a starter, main course AND dessert and do not feel full. Every flavor was spot on. I must go back, whose in?

Starter – Chestnut soup with a white mirepoix (onion, parsnip, celery) drizzled with sorghum and fresh parsley. Stop it!

T'Riffic Trout

2. Main Course – Poached Trout with sweet roasted fennel & orange along side a fresh arugula salad. Dear God. It melted on the tongue and was soooo fresh and light.

3. Dessert was apple pie with fresh crème for 2. Truth is, its for at least 4 and I could have had the whole thing all by myself! Apple pie is my favorite of all sweet things. Did you know that? Not sure if we had disclosed that yet in our relationship. I guess it’s the southern down home girl in me but dear sweet baby jesus do I love some apple pie. Oops. Sorry. I can’t help it 🙂 This was like no other pie. A perfect flaky crust, al dente apples with just the right amount of cinnamon and spice. Honestly, I would write for 20 minutes about this pie and it would do no justice. YOU MUST GO.

BEE-est Apple Pie!

Food Coma is setting in. I am deliriously happy with my night in Chelsea NYC. “Its home”, she says still not really believing that she lives in such a magic place and in such a magic life.

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