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Picture Perfect Plates @ Missioni

Yesterday started the NYIGF (NY Intn’l Gift Fair) so I have sooo much design inspiration to share with you between here (NY) and Paris show, Maison Objet (last week).

Lets not dilly dallly – there is great design to be discussed.

Paris Market Trends

Metal goes Mainstream

1.  Material – In my opinion the strongest trend was in what I call “industrial chic”. Raw metals or recycled metals, exposed bulb lighting with metal see through shades and metal being used in place of traditional materials in traditional furniture or accessory pieces. Like metal sea shells rather than the real thing or metal framed chairs that were traditionally fabric.

New Spin on Old Favorite

Industrial Chic

2. Color – While there was not an overwhelming color trend,  I did see a lot of green being used. Here is the US, lavender seems to still be a the forefront but I saw precious little in Europe. We might be going green in a whole new way soon.

Visions of Verde

Green Lantern

3. Product – Unfortunately a lot of the same ole same ole out there right now as furniture designers and manufacturers have reigned in or tightened down the design department in the given economy. A shame that we cut our creativity in times when we need it the most don’t you agree?

There was some inspired designs. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Love the Interior Detail

Art from the Ordinary

Last Bite

Oh and I saved you the last bite from that gorgeous cherry clafoutis! 🙂

One thought on “Paris Report

  1. JoAnn_Adams says:

    YOU ROCK!!! having not gone to the paris show and of course now NY and Vegas too i need the cool updates –i am soooo inspired wait til you see what i create in my studio combining my new clay designs with fun metal stuff into useable sculpture OMG wait just wait–thanks H for being our eyes at markets around the world and the inspiration i need to create at home!

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