Haute n the Kitchen

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Le Menu

Let’s just get it over with.

I was once told to “face the danger” at the beginning of the day, whatever the danger is, and not spend the day with it over your head. Or in your stomach as was my case. So Here goes…I present to you the huitres that sent me spiraling into not haute HELL.

Huitres from Hell!

Ok. I feel better, do you? I may not be ordering any of these slippery little devils anytime soon, but at least I faced them. With the worst over, let’s carry on with all the good things that happened at this same dinner table.

Cold, soaked and tired after traipsing around the flea all day we all headed back to the hotel for a few hours rest before dinner. I took a loong hot bubble bath and read all about Tiger in Vanity Fair. I dare say he was aptly named. Now warm, relaxed, rested and heady with visions of Tiger in bondage (ay yi yi) I dressed in my haute couture and headed out to the brassiere.

Hors d'eouvres

First course…nibbles. I love nibbles. Bits of sausage, olives, cheese, crusty French bread with butter, oh my, bite size croque monsieur and escargot, mai oui!

Next, well you know what was next…shhhhhhh….we are done with that.

Bon Apetit

Next next – I had a crab salad with avocado & grapefruit.

Picture Perfect Paris

Then we had pan seared scallops in a gorgeous saffron sauce served with a much-needed, but later lost, vegetable medley.

Warm Clafoutis for the soul

Dessert was by far the highlight of our meal. Nearing midnight now we didn’t hold back. Creme Brule, A black cherry clafoutis (in my book, ahem) and profiteroles with warm chocolate sauce oh my goodness can you just pour that directly into my mouth please please please. Oh sorry, flashbacks 😉

Would have been wrong not to

Morte ala Chocolat

We left the brasserie with food coma setting in which was a brilliant reason to go for a night-cap? Not sure the rationale there, but hey, we were in Paris and the city called. Later so did the…no no no.

The Rosebud Bar is very very local. We were the only non Francais in the joint. There are only 3 bartenders on the staff and they each have been there over 30 years. It was a cocktails only bar and they were all old school drinks. I ordered a Manhattan, my late Scottish Grandfathers drink of choice – well after PBR! All the tables had sweet little fresh rose bouquets on them so the room was heady with rose and grain alcohol. Uhu.

It was a perfect end to a great great dinner (shhh) and we all headed back to the hotel with rosy cheeks and the satisfaction of a FULL day in Paris. A Domain.

Monsieur Rosebud

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