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Marche Paul Bert

is definitely better! While it wasn’t a terribly cold weekend it made up for it with overcast wet cool. You know, the one that settles in your bones and oh – gives you the flu! I guess it doesn’t help when you hang around outside at a flea market for 8 hrs.

So where do I start?!

Despite the flu and did I mention I also got food poisoning? Uhu – double wammy, the rest of my trip was full of visual delights and yummy bites.

I know you want to see and hear about them ALL, but you’ll have to settle for bite size blogs over the next week as I am busy busy getting my health better and catching up on work.

Best Visual Display Award

Ironically, one of my favorite days was Saturday (pre-meeting up with Mr. Oyster) which we spent at Marche Paul Bert and a few other smaller markets in the area. Stall after stall of fabulous, French and fantastically expensive antiques 😉 A few stands really stood out in their visual merchandising which is the exception out there where most vendors either pile it high or only have two or three items of a certain era.

Lots of Thinking Caps

The stall with the skeletons was freaked! Real skulls, skeletons, body parts, organs…you name it! Freaky freaky – who goes into this specialty? (I did like a few of them…shhh). I have that sick fascination with skulls remember.

French for Lunch

I lost all interest in shopping when lunch time rolled around at the market. All the vendors uncork their red wine, pull out a nice fresh baguette, some sausage, cheese and olives. Flea market Picnic! So French. So Fab. Uh and don’t expect to buy anything when its lunchtime for the vendors. Priorities!

Notice the cigarette is alive in well in France!

So, of course, watching all the vendors nibble on their picnic and sip from their wine glasses certainly got all of our appetites on red alert. Off to Cafe Paul Bert we went for an authentic French brassiere lunch. Race ya to the door!

Vintage Tablecloths, the meals they've seen!

Lunch went down pretty much in silence after the plates hit the table. It could have been the warm food filling our empty cold bellies and heading down to our toes or it was just damn good food. I am going 40/60.

French onion soup with just the right amount of gooey cheese and not too soggy bread in the bottom. That was followed by braised rabbit, marinated salmon with warm Dijon potatoes and finishing with bone marrow served with toast and fleur de sel. Warm with wine and fueled by fine food, back to the cold rain we marched in search of the best antiques and most inspired finds.

Marinated Salmon in pink peppercorn & dill

Ognion Soupe

Da Wabbit

2 thoughts on “Paris in the Springtime…

  1. Heather says:

    Teri – not sure what your poison is these days but there were some amazing Parisian 50’s -60’s mod stalls. They had like 4 pieces on their booth but all signed originals from the masters of these generations. Then (my favs) were stalls just crammed to the ceiling with south of france bric a brac. Tapestries, great lighting, vintage textiles, weird stuff like little metal pigs whose heads came off and were storage for match sticks! ha! Paul Bert is rather “label conscious” so many stalls were signature pieces of the great designers in their time around Europe. Alot of Belgian, although no Axel V. pieces I could find (another favorite). It was worth standing in the cold misty rain all day. Probably made it better 🙂 ha!

  2. Teri Pasley says:

    Heather – Your Paris blogs are wonderful. The food sounds . . tasty beyond my ability to imagine, and your photos make everything look lovely – even “Da Wabbit”! You could probably EVEN make the “bone marrow on toast” look elegant, though I noticed you didn’t try.
    I only have ONE complaint, concerning your “antiques coverage” : What is that thing Pimps always say to their “Ladies” in bad movies, right before they smack ’em around?? Oh Yeah – I’ll translate (Okayyyy, Babel Fish will!) to keep the mood – “Ne donnez pas sur moi, Chienne!” In other words – “DON’T hold out on me, Beyotch!” I want MORE DETAILS!! After all – Food to you = Antiques to me.
    (I was going to say that by flea marketing in Paris, you have just achieved my own personal Nirvana, but then I read a bit more about the term, and as it’s supposedly a state free from “obsessions and fixations”, it’s absolutely the wrong word for what I was trying to express. . . and I’m not EVEN sure I want to achieve it anymore. . . . I’d rather go flea marketing in Paris.
    By the way, Todd and I just watched Anthony Bourdain in Brittainy. Girrrl – you need to GET some of THAT!!

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