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Milk Truck Menu

Woke up to a sunny, Spring like day here in Brooklyn. It put a little pep in my step to be able to wear a little less clothing and to feel warm sunshine on my face.

Inspired by the false Spring I dove into house cleaning, dog washing, a good long run and then…off to the Brooklyn Flea! They move it indoors during the winter months but its a good 1.5 miles from my place so there was lots of window shopping in between.

Now most people go to the flea for bargain vintage finds or to add to their nick nack collection. I wanted to check out the flea food! I was more than impressed. Way more. The mall should drop by the flea and take some notes! 🙂

Asia Dog!

I loved “Asia Dog”. American hot dog topped with various asian ingredients. Very clever. A hot dog with kimchi and nori flakes. Wow.

“Kors D’Oevures” had both a very clever name and wonderful dips. My favorite was the pumpkin, butternut squash goat cheese dip. All handmade in Brooklyn.

“Kumquat Cupcakery” was dolling out the cutest little cupcakes. Bite size nibbles of the most unusual flavors. Ok so there was a cupcake with a big chuck of bacon on top. That had to happen for me and at $1, who could say no?

Bacon Cupcakes Rock

There were lots more local flavors from pickles to chocolates to coffee to greek treats or Red Hook lobster rolls prepared fresh in front of you.

But there was one vendor that stood out above the rest – “Milk Truck” gourmet grilled sandwiches!

Love the Logo

It was their first day in biz and with a 45 minute wait time, I think it can be said that grilled sammies sell! There were a few grumblings in the line over the wait time but I didn’t actually see anyone leave the line. The smell from that corner of the food hall kept us all magnetized to the line! Melty cheese and grilled bread aromas had us all but drooling.

I chose the “Classic with a Twist” which was aged Wisconsin Gruyère with champagne pickled onions and whole grain mustard on rye. I watched the young lady prepare my sandwich by starting with a nob of butter which spread onto both pieces of the bread, top and bottom. Then a generous handful of the cheese and a dolllup of the mustard and off it went to the grill meister. A few moments later it was served to me in very sweet white paper envelope packaging with the cheese just oozing.

Melt in your Mouth

It was worth every minute of the wait. The sweet of the onion hit me first and then the earthy whole grain mustard flavor leapt off the perfectly grilled rye bread. Crusty and crunchy but then melty in the mouth with all that butter and cheese. I love love Gruyère, so nutty and rich. I could have eaten three.

On my walk back home from the flea (thank goodness for those 3 miles to walk off some of the “buttah”) I saw a very sweet cookie shop I had not noticed before. Hmmm…a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, a stroll through the flea market and yes! a  cookie seemed the perfect end to my all american culinary day. “One Girl Cookies” serves up bite size cookies and I went straight to classic chocolate chip. Got milk? They did but I added a shot of espresso to mine 🙂 Food coma was setting in!

New Cookie Haunt

Cookie & "Milk"

Can’t wait for Milk Truck to be up and mobile in the city with their real milk truck this Spring. I think I will need a frequent customer card 😉

2 thoughts on “All American Saturday

  1. Heather says:

    Hahaha! I know right!

  2. Jess says:

    I want to order the “WangDing” dog just because I think it’d be funny to say!!

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