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Dinner for 1

Apart from Christmas day and a few other random evenings I have been so uninspired to cook since my move to Brooklyn. This is bad, I know, real bad!

The reason is that I hate to cook for 1. Maybe its being Italian and the need to feed others all the time. Maybe it’s that my kitchen is not stocked the way it should be. Either way, it’s not good. One relatively lame excuse is that I have been going out with friends on the evenings and eating out. But that is draining the shallow wallet &  must be abbreviated.

So, tonight I cook for 1 and really try to like it. I have friends who loooove to cook for themselves. Find total pleasure in it. Really? Can you send some inspiration this way?

I will leave the Julia beef Bourgogne and the shepherds pie for another night when I am a little further down the “cook for 1” path.

Tonight its – Baby Arugula with maple roasted Walnuts, Blueberries, balsamic sautéed Portobello Mushroom, dried Goji Berry and fresh shaved Parmesan Reggiano Salad. A bit sweet, a bit savory, full of antioxidants and in general  – yummy.

Maple Syrup Roasted Walnuts
Goji & Walnut

I toasted the walnuts first just in a dry skillet with black pepper. Gives them some heat to counter the sweet of the maple syrup. Dessert later?

Portobello with Mr. Balsamic
Balsamic Bath

Add a dash of olive oil to the hot pan, then add the shrooms. The olive oil will give them a “crisper” finish. Add vinegar  at the end so not soggy.

Blueberries & Baby Arugula

That wasn’t so bad. Sula got a few blueberries that rolled off the counter so she is happy and at least I fed one other 🙂

I even poured myself a glass of wine and used a linen napkin! Things are getting haute in Brooklyn.

One thought on “Cooking for 1

  1. As I was reading your blog i thought about your fabulous cookbook hautenthekitchen which is all about dinner parties and entertaining- I assume you did a lot of that with huge guests list and that is what inspired your cookbook- So maybe your NEXT book should be gourmet can be a candlelight dinner for 1- think about how to translate all those fabulous meals and ambiance into all the lonely souls that sit in their kitchen just like you with only a dog to share with.
    Start with that Julia beef Bourgogne and the shepherds pie -i feel sure you can cut those ingredients down and make 6″pies instead ….We want to know that there is fun in the kitchen for the lonely hearts club too! or just for those of us happy to ne single but need to know that cooking does not have to be out of the freezer or local restaurant—do i see cooking class here?

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