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Notes on a Theme

I have been at Furniture Market in Atlanta all week and am overall less than impressed with the merchandising in the showrooms. As manufacturers and product designers its our job to present the product in a creative way to inspire the retailers in their own stores. But sadly most showrooms fail to deliver on presentation and thus what might be a good product is seen as only average because it lacks the umph, the romance, the story, the setting, the inspiration.

Two merchandising/decorating devices that really impress me however are 1) following through on a theme and 2) strength in numbers. One chandelier is good but a cluster of 5 of the same is great!

A few examples:

Make it Count

Here, using the same product en masse makes both a visually stimulating vignette and emphasizes smaller product that is easily overlooked if only shown in singles.

Ships Ahoy

Bringing a theme to life involves repetition to reinforce the concept.  Here ships create the subtle theme of the vignette. An over-sized ship painting on the wall is supported by the center piece ship on the table. Boats on the console further bring it home. There is risk of going overboard (oh not she didn’t go there!) so be thorough with a theme but not forceful.


Make an impact on a console or other “decorative use” furniture piece by showing off a great collection. Here, antique horses make a striking entrance to a room. Again, strength in numbers. Sure one horse would still be beautiful and appreciated but quantity sends the message for a themed event or your prized collection.

All Aglow

Lighting is a wonderful place to make an impact in a room. If you find yourself really liking a fixture that is too small for the space then consider making a grouping of the same to fill the volume. Clustering lighting is not just for hotels and restaurants.

More notes on the furniture market to follow! A little inspiration for your new years home improvement projects 😉

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