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1st Train Ride

I was doing a little house cleaning of iphoto  today and came across a file that gave me pause. I am an “ambassador” for the Miracle Foundation and attended the most recent new orphanage opening, “Sooch Village”, in Rourkela India.

I found this little one in between rail cars by herself. She was in search of a “potty”. I scooped her up and took her into the “bathroom”, aka – hole in floor. As I tried to hold her over the hole, she became so justifiably terrified that she clung to my leg instead and well…went. Poor thing. I scooped her up and cuddled her close. She fell asleep in my arms only moments later. First outing, first train ride, first scary hole in ground – a very scary day. I squeezed it all away.

An Angel in my Arms

Coming off a big US holiday season filled with consumerism, extravagant gift giving and whopping big dinners, these pictures reminded me of a few more important things. Like the exhilarated smile from an orphan on their first train ride. Like introducing a flock of orphans to their new homes. Like an orphan falling asleep in your arms because they feel safe there. Like the millions more on the street.

The first residents of Sooch Village

House Mothers

Do something generous in 2010. Stretch yourself and your bank account to do 1 something fabulous. Trust me, you will get more from it than whomever you choose to reach out to.

One house-mother per 10 orphans. Most of them are widows who would be other wise left to the streets. A new beginning for both child and house-mother. A special kind of family, built on starting over with love.

A Big Day

A New Community Begins

The locals were fascinated with the new “orphan” village. Many came out to see and support. Some just came for free ice cream, why not?  I would.

Many Layers

The one that stole my heart. Sunika – this picture is the exact same thing I saw when I looked down in his crib. How could I not fall in love. You can too.

www.miraclefoundation.org A good place to start.


A Reason

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