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Court St. Bakery Rocks

I won’t waste alot of silly words about how happy I am to have my family here in Brooklyn for my first NYC Christmas.

We all get it right?ย  A new place. A new start.

Same wonderful family that stands behind you with love, support and alot of hard ribbing! Enough said. Love you guys for all the hard, fair and love-filled truths. What else is family for?! Then, pour me a drink ’cause I need to wash that down ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, Christmas in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn NYC.

You know I love a “theme” for my wrapping paper each year. This year its craft paper with an image of a NYC water tower and an oversized white bow. Crisp, clean, black tan and white – to the point. Lovin it.

Wrap Theme 2009

Liberace Lives!

Chad (my brother) I set out for some last minute shopping today! Mostly we just hung out and caught up with bad jokes and lots of laughs…the best present was having him in town! xoxo

“This place (Carroll Gardens and my apt) is dope.” (Chad) I think that means, he approves ๐Ÿ™‚

Saw some old school records to buy – was thinking of asking Santa for a turntable, until…

I saw these Vivienne Westwood shoes in a window…please please please Santa!?

Please Santa??

And then all thoughts turned to …FOOD!

We started dinner by going by Court St. Bakery (uber Italian Old School) for cookies and cannoli. Might as well start with dessert, right? At one point (t0p picture) the line to the bakery was almost a block long. We bought 2 lbs. of assorted cookies and 4 cannoli and I had one of the most sensory moments of my life just being in that space. Worth every pound :p


I made a hearty beef bourgogne for dinner with a crusty loaf of olive ciabatta, some VT stinky blue cheese, a bowl of north african black olives and a dry French pinot noir wine to wash it down. Room was quiet and for the Antonellis, a good sign – a rare moment of silence ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas Eve Dinner


Divine in every way

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