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An Invitation to Dinner

Some years back, when I was living in Atlanta,  I was invited to a Christmas dinner party at the home of  JR & Caroline Hipple. Caroline is one of my all time furniture gurus and mentors, so I was very pleased to have been on the invite list.

We arrived to her beautiful holiday decorated home (to the 9s) in all our merriment and glee, ready to kick back on a cushy sofa, sip a cocktail and be fed gorgeous food!

Not so much. The kitchen counters were lined with massive amounts of alcohol, mixing bowls, blenders and a festive pile of Christmas aprons! What!!?? Had we been tricked into being the elf production line for their annual Christmas cookie give-out. Not exactly.

Once everyone had arrived, we were told to pick a partner and there was going to be a “Homemade Eggnog Competition” before dinner. One of Caroline’s business partners (present at party) had a long time family recipe – that would be Granny Kemp –  that was to be used by all teams.

Now I did need a cocktail!

Christmas Bubbly!

Fortunately this was encouraged by the hosts. I was joined at the party by my Mom, Dad and Lover. So, I picked my Dad as team-mate! That was my secret you see…he would stand there and sip his cocktail and let me take control. Exactly what I wanted! Mom, forget it – she would want to create a new version of the original and my Lover, well he could be a bit of a kitch bitch (lots of opinions). LOL. So I was free and clear with Daddy -O!

I wouldn’t be telling you this story if I hadn’t come in 1st Place! We rocked it. Then, we sampled everyone elses and by the time that was done…we were all rocked. This stuff should come with a WARNING label. Three sips and you are singing “Oh Christmas Tree” at full shower volume.

But it’s totally worth it! Liven up your holiday dinner or cocktail parties this year by making them all about some friendly hands on competition. Everyone takes home a gallon of good nog and lots of memories of the kitchen battle. I guess this really was early days Iron Chef material 🙂

Granny Kemp knew a thing or two about eggnog and she really knew her way around the liquor cabinet. Go Granny!

PS. This recipe is top secret. I have never before given it out. Use it with care. Be respectful of Granny Kemp and the secret to her recipe (shhhhh….don’t change a thing) ;P


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