Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions

Bergdorf Reflection

Before this new chapter of my life, I (we) would always plan a NYC trip around the holidays to –

1) stand outside of Bergdorf’s windows and drool

2) see all our NYC friends during the holidays

3) shop 4)shop

5) eat at my newest foodie find

Today…I did them all AND I live here. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I had to go up to 58th and Lex to pick up some of my books at Bilotta. Using my Iphone app “itrans NYC”, I got on the F train to Manhattan and got off at — Bergdorfs! What a wonderful subway system. Door to door Bergs and Tiffs.

Through the Looking Glass

I took loads of (not so great) photography and tried to mentally photograph every detail. (Calling all photographers – how do I not get the glass glare?)

Who's Howling?

They are beautiful this year. Not shocking, I know.  Some are perfectly simple in design but intricate in material and some are just so so so ornate in every way that the details blur into a magical moment, an enchanted place from another world.They are poetic, historic, nastalgic, sassy, sultry, glamorous, exotic and just genius.

A Paper Christmas

Across the street, Tiffanys. Only two tiny windows, but hey, its Tiffanys! They too had the same ability to transport the mind and eye to an imaginary world.


I had b'fast @ Tiff's today

Hungry for more, I was walking along and saw “Obika”. I have been wanting to eat at one of their locations and what better time! Obika stands for “obicca” which means “here it is” in Italian, but local to Neapolitan dialect. The concept is all about buffalo mozzarella. The founders saw this as an up and coming trend, so started a chain devoted to homemade buff mozz presented in various applications. There is a straight up tasting menu (4 varieties of mozz), apps with meat & mozz, apps with mozz & veg; salads with mozz, rolls of mozz, meat & veg and then hot dishes with melty mozz. I have to say…I was disappointed. I got the tomatoe basil soup with whole wheat crostini of buff mozz & fresh tomato. The soup was oily and sort of thick. Strange orange color. Basil only came through as garnish. The “crostini” was 5 hard bits of wheat bread ends, with anemic tomatoes and well, very good mozzarella. It came undressed (which I appreciate) but not for everyone. My water glass never got refilled and that was my only beverage. Oh and they only serve 4 types of mozzarella and they did not have 2 today. Not so Obicca at all.

Is it carrot or tomatoe?


I worked the rest of the afternoon but had a great casual night out with friends. Laughter was the main ingredient and with that sometimes the restaurant doesn’t matter at all. Actually I have had two dinners in two nights where the food was the background to the company. As a foodie, my BIG culinary moments are blog-worthy but the dinners shared with a friend are life-worthy.

So there it is, my day – window shopping (the cheapest and most satisfying kind), new food finds and great friends to share it all with. Who could ask for more?

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