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C'est Magnifique

I guess I had my head stuck in the moving truck because I looked up today and everywhere around me –  IT WAS CHRISTMAS!!!

Good thing the blinders came off before I missed the whole season this year. The end of a 9 yr. relationship, a new job, lots of travel and a move across country – hmmm, I can’t imagine what has distracted me this year from my FAVORITE holiday (other than my birthday, which we are pretending never took place this year).

As Sula and I cruised the streets this morning humming carols and sipping coffee we took in the wonders of Carroll Gardens in the Holiday Spirit. (A note about walking a 65 lb puppy who is always off to the races – my advice is to not try and sip coffee during said activity, unless you are fond of looking like a fool. You sip, she pulls and coffee spills all down your pretty coat. Just a thought.)

So here is my new little village, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn NY. Now if it would just snow, this scene would be even more magical.

Italy comes to Brooklyn

Slice of the Season

Love It.

Can B Seen from Moon


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