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Brooklyn Bound!

I moved to Brooklyn this past week. The move began with a grueling 17 hour drive in a BMW M3 (yeah, wait for the rest ok) with my Mom as passenger and my 65 lb. Weimaraner in the back bucket seats along with a full size bag of dog food (guess I thought you couldn’t get that in NY?), luggage and some other bits and bobbles.

I have learned 8 vital NY survival skills ALREADY. All of them the hard way.

1. When you arrive at 2am and there is a parking space right in front of your new brownstone – DONT MOVE YOUR CAR UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!! I, on the hand, left it the very next day for an hour run to IKEA. Not wise. Upon return with full car of “stuff I didn’t even need” – there was no parking spot within 5 blocks on all sides. I have regained a Primo spot and said car will occupy it until Spring thaw 🙂

This was sooo me!

2. When living in NY, it is imperative that you own an umbrella. Waking up in a new place, with a moving truck at your door, in the pouring rain is about to get worse when you don’t have an umbrella. Then you have to walk the dog, get coffee, drop off laundry and oh yeah unload a truck. That should explain the sniffle. I now own 2 overpriced umbrellas. Lesson B of same topic – never buy an umbrella when it is chucking down with rain. Price quadruples. 🙂

3. When moving into an old “charming” brownstone, it is very important to measure not just the place where your furniture is destined to occupy, but also the building’s front door, hallways, staircases, landings, your front door and all other possible measurements along the way. My fabulous new sofa and dining table are on their way back to GA and I am sitting on the floor. My building is sooo charming.

Spacious w/o Furniture!

4. When moving into a NY apartment in an old building that has not been renovated – you will have a new appreciation for SHIMS. Every piece of my furniture is now jacked up a good 4-6 inches on one side. It’s a look. Let’s just leave it at that.

5. There is a BIG difference between plaster walls and stucco walls! After 4 hardware store consultations with various “experts” delivering their best advice and lots of their high-priced fancy screws to do the job…I just have a hole in my  newly painted wall and lots of things laying on the floor that should be on walls. Guess that is one perk to not having my furniture fit. ??

Hardware Gurus!

6. A third floor walk up makes for great romance in the movies. Carrie Bradshaw had me lusting after a brownstone walk-up season after season. Well, I will now probably walk slightly stooped over for the rest of my life. My back is in agony after 6 hours of moving boxes up those precious stairs. I paid a small fortune to the two movers out of guilt and to hopefully prevent them from putting a hex on me.

Today alone I have walked over 30 flights of stairs at various times carrying a vacuum cleaner, laundry, a Christmas tree or groceries.

Carrie Bradshaw's Stoop

7. A NYC dog. Having a dog in NY is like combat training. Every time the pooch leaves the apartment I must be ready with – leash and “go potty tidy up bags”. Well that is easy you say. On top of that (and lets say its 7am) I must pull on my Uggs, tuck in pajama pants, find a sweater, find a scarf, put on coat, find gloves, find keys (3 locks from apt. to front door), oh my hair!, find a hat. Where is the dog? Oh by the door doing the pee pee dance. Combat people!

Gotta Go Out!

8. The final lesson (until tomorrow) learned is that SHE who has the top floor of that charming brownstone also has a fire escape. So, when SHE moves into her new place in December, SHE gets to decorate her little terrace with tree trimmings and white lights. Take that Carrie Bradshaw!

An Adorned Fire Escape

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