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Its time for another episode of “10 things I love”! I know it seems like a lame blog entry but hey,  look at it this way, it saves you from a novel long diatribe from me on why I like India or how fascinating I find yet again another food market. Right? So, here goes. Ten more things that I currently think are just super duper.

1. The Perfect Latte – My mom will be proud of this one. Mostly milk but just enough foam at the top to create that beautiful leaf design. It’s great even before I sip it. Then, with my “got latte” moustache, I exhale in gratitude. Now, my day can begin. The picture is from Marlow & Sons in Brooklyn but I actually had one in India @ Coffee Day that was $1 and just as yummy.

Mornings @ Marlow & Sons

$1 Latte

The coffee day latte had the leaf design as well – I had just already given it a swirl by the time I remembered to take a pic.

2. Cheese Shops – What is better than a stinky little shop of CHEESE! I have always said it’s the one thing I could never go without. Bedford Cheese is in Williamsburg Brooklyn and I applaud them on the creative window displays. Stinky Bklyn is in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn and has a sister wine shop called Smith & Vine just across the street selling…yes of course – wine! Call me crazy but I like that they are separate shops. So old world of them 🙂

Bedford Cheese in Williamsburg

Bedford Cheese Window

3. Independent Sweet Shops – Along the same lines of the independent stinky cheese shop, I just love independent sweet shops. Not to be confused with a coffee shop here ok. Yes, they also serve up some delish coffee but they take it that step further and have the most amazing pastries, cookies, puddings, brownies, macaroons, biscotti, sticky toffees, pie slices and cupcakes (yawn) all freshly homemade. The decor is always way too tootsie cutsie but we forgive them because it’s just so gosh darn adorable. The name is always female and we spend the rest of the day picturing what Melissa or Sara or Tiffany look like and if they eternally have flour on their cheek. Check out Sweet Melissa in Cobble Hill or Park Slope Brooklyn or Melissas in Cape Town, South Africa. I think they both read the same book.

Bread Pudding!

4. Red Dresses – Nothing more to be said.

Red Dresses!

5. Candlelight – Again, what more needs to be said.

The Perfect Glow

6. Old Things that Inspire New Design – For me, this topic could go on all day. From wood to metal to textile and then to vegetable, meat and dessert this title stretches across the board. Lately, because of a lack of a kitchen, it has been towards the first category – furniture & textile. I love stumbling across an unexpected relic and in so being inspired on a contemporary application for the design. The red call box, which I have seen all over Brooklyn, gave inspiration for a new lantern design. The past week traipsing around antique warehouses in India resulted in a laundry list of inspired ideas. So fabulous.

A reborn relic

7. Never Ending Fruit – I am already having withdrawals from all the gorgeous fresh fruit available in Asia. Yeah, it’s here too – but it’s not the same. You don’t get mango and papaya with a sliver of lime each morning just to kick things off. Fruit with ever meal and sometimes as a meal. Bring on the fruit!

Fruit Fest

8. The View from above. There are few experiences in life like looking out the plane window and seeing the earth below. It still takes my breath. What a wonderful planet we have.

Birds Eye

9. The Newest Addition to the Gypsy Faire Tent Collection – Tots Tents! A pint size tent for the little peeps in our lives. A pirate theme for the lads and princess theme for the ladies. They are so incredibly adorable and in stock so – call us now – Santa is packing the sleigh!

Petite Pirate


10. My new flat in Brooklyn. Dolce Casa Dolce. She lands.

My "Brick" Stone

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