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Name that fruit?!

I am leaving India tonight (well officially tomorrow) at 4am. It has been a great, productive trip and I am so ready for a seriously long nap and a salad. While the opportunity to sleep all the way home is there, it is not likely to happen. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed I don’t land between bad B.O. boy and screaming baby. No really, cross your fingers for me!

I could write a hundred pages here of all the things I have seen, smelled, tasted and tried on this trip but … I don’t have the time or ability to truly make you understand how special Mother India is. You will just have to be inspired enough by the images to get your butt over here sometime soon.

I have missed my green veggies and oh yeah there is a steak with my name on it just a few days away now. Forget turkey fellow Americans – I need some beef. 🙂

I am thankful this Thanksgiving that I have made a life for myself where I get to do what I love professionally and travel the world while at it. Since I was just a little girl, this has been my dream and to be doing it now for more than 12 years is really something to be thankful for! Even if I will be on a germ infested stinky plane with an aluminum tray of “unidentified food items” while you eat stuffing, yams, turkey, cranberry and pecan pie – I am still thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving America!


Pretty in PInk

At the Market













Gods are Smiling





Indian Louis Vuitton










Bulk Aisle at Market



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