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Hong Kong Harbour

I had a “down” day from traipsing around furniture factories so I took to the streets of Hong Kong with the sole purpose of getting lost. To be completely honest, I did have a map tucked in my bag just in case but I wandered for a good four hours before having to give it only one consult.

Hong Kong is…alive! The scale of the city is immense. It makes NYC feel like a village. If you are a shopper…this is the city for you. Good god there are ALOT of stores and malls. Most are rather high end to boot. While everyone hustled around in and out of the shops glowing with that retail therapy glee I explored the nooks and crannies for the cities eats. Hong Kong has it all as you can imagine, right down to Ben & Jerrys! Korean BBQ, Mongolian, Taiwanese, Sushi, sushi, sushi, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Thai, Dim Sum, Noodle Houses & McDonaldese.


Dried Sea Cucumber, oh yum


Soy Joy

If you can think of a creature in the sea, it was in this store, in a jar and dried or cured. Shark fin, sea cukes, snails, oysters, shrimp, fish and uh lots of “no longer recognizable dried stuff” (technical term).

Then there are the shops dedicated to soy, soybean and tofu. Not for me, thanks.

The windows that always stopped me in my tracks were those filled with the ducks. Duck Duck Goose.

At least they use the whole duck and I do mean the WHOLE duck.


Senor Duck


Duck Soup

This guy was serving up duck “parts” in a broth with steamed greens and mushrooms. I did try it and while the broth left a greasy residue in my mouth, the flavor was really nice and it was the perfect lunch for a chilly rainy day. I made sure that I slurped real loud as I ate my soup so I would blend in with the locals eating their soup 🙂

Next find was a lady dishing up these flavorful curry fish balls. She also had squid on a stick and hot dogs on a stick. Seriously, hot dogs.


Curry Fish Balls


Hong Kong "Deli"

The deli on the left here was just like an Italian deli except completely all Chinese food. Who knew?

The most surprising street food find was waffles. Apparently a HUGE favorite with the locals, these stalls had long lines of hungry patrons waiting on waffles and waffle “eggs”. The batter is just like the American waffle mix except they use condensed milk and the waffle maker is round egg shapes rather than the good ole grid I grew up with. No Aunt Jamima though.


Waffle Balls


Holy Hairy Crabs!

October and November are hairy crab season in Hong Kong and let me just tell you..they take these hairy guys seriously around here. Whole stores devoted to them from the bottom price of $200 HK dollars up to thousands. Never really figured out what separates the cheapies from the top line. I was just amazed that every little crab is personally wrapped like the pic. Makes for a beautiful display. I did not have one yet, but they are on my dinner list tonight.


Karoke across from my hotel!


Anti-Freckle Mask!

On a final note, how many “Anti Freckles Whitening Masks” would I have to do? he he.

One thought on “A Taste of Hong Kong

  1. Anne says:

    wow! Love it! You continue to amaze me with your adventures and culinary escapades!

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