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NYC to Hong Kong

NYC to Hong Kong

Hong Kong!

Hong Kong!

Hong Kong. 8:07 Pm. November 14th 2009.

I have been in Asia for a week now. It feels like coming home in some ways. I have always been comfortable here and I find myself more “awake and alive” than the other places I travel to. I will be in India by Monday and that is where my heart is most at home, but Vietnam certainly is coming up on the list. China, still leaves me wondering where the soul of this country has gone. Cities like Shenzhen and Dongguan are void of any charm or sense of warmth and place. Cold and empty to me. Big buildings with no redeeming architectural qualities and big highways that lead to another soulless city. My opinion, of course. The only thing that keeps me smiling in China are the fantastic translation faux pas. I can’t write fast enough to capture them all from my back seat viewpoint. When I am not giggling about the signs, I am gagging about my drivers. A country where a burp, fart and good hacked up loog are as natural as a yawn. A place where the length of a mole hair is as respected as the balance of ones bank account.

When not working, I take to the streets in search of food. Not to fill my tummy, but to fill my hunger for local flavor. Food stalls, food markets, street vendors and night markets. I get butterflies when I stumble across a random back alley food market where only the locals shop. As I oogle over their stands they shout out to me in their native tongue. For all I know they could be telling the farung (foreigner) to go away. Usually a smile, a head bow and a nod gets me accepted but not always. When Grandma reaches for the machete I go in search of the next stand. So, here we are. Enough of my ramble. Let the pictures do the talking.

Vietnam, Rickshaw

Vietnam, Rickshaws

Vietnam, Beach Umbrellas

Vietnam, "Beach Umbrellas"

Beautiful Vietnam

Beautiful Vietnam

Vietnam Vroom

Vietnam Vroom

Super Highway, Vietnam

Super Highway, Vietnam


Seafood Salad, Vietnam. Yum!

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