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T-minus two days until Halloween and still no inspiration on a costume. I thought you were going to send me some ideas?

I pulled out my “costume bits and bobs box” and it contained the following – one Felicity Shagwell dress, white go-go boots, mardi gras beads, a pink pixie wig, a gold plastic $ necklace, vampire teeth and makeup, green pom poms, a plastic tiara, a rasta b/w hat, a hot pink boa and fake eyelashes. Wow. How have I ended up with one item from the last 20 Halloweens?

Still no inspiration on costumes, but great new inspiration on entertaining this Saturday. While I am all about my Venetian Ball ala Eyes Wide Shut but in Transylvania party, maybe it’s not for everyone. Ya think? So for all you way too cool hipsters I have an option.

A Hip Halloween. You know…that party you attend and wonder for months later how you are ever going to be that cool? Here are the secret ingredients that will make your invites the most coveted items in the mailbox.

#1 – The Bar – Truly cool people know…its all about the bar…

Whats Your Poison?#2 – Interesting Body Parts – yes, I mean it. Anybody can throw a skeleton on the sofa or a ghost in the closet. If you want to create a whisper, display body parts in funky formaldehyde solutions. Organs & brains are always a winner. Why do you think Hannibal Lector is so revered?

Brainy Decor#3 – Skulls. Well, yeah duh. But yours must be special. Damien Hurst special. No, don’t go buy a million dollar diamond encrusted skull! But do re-create the look and feel of the coolest skull in the last decade.



Top Right - Cooler

Top Right - Cooler

#4 – Did I mention skulls? Hey, it’s what the hip party planners do!

Skull Shaker

Skull Shaker


Service with a Smile

5. Yard Art. The coolest parties always greet you…before the door. There is only one chance for a 1st impression. Let them know they have arrived at THE coolest party happening on Oct. 31




Projected Fear

#6 – A sense of humor. Hey, just because you are throwing the coolest party in town and are THE event to get an invite from; don’t let it go to your skull. Being cool is being real and being real is cool. So, final ingredient for a hip Halloween – a dash of good laughs.

mime-attachment 4

hee hee

mime-attachment 1

No Flying Off!

Think of a costume for me yet?

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