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My mind is on overload with design and food ideas on these gorgeous autumn days! Guess that explains the insomnia as well 🙂

I have been traveling like cray and, while not a very good one, I will use this as my excuse for the lack of any posts lately. But I am back! So to catch you up on my whirlwind travels and some of my new favorite things, new inspired ideas and just some fun stuff…here is my September’s Top 10 List!

Heather’s Top 10 Favorites of September (in no particular order) –

1. Clean Modern Minimal Spaces that give a nod to Nature & have restraint in design.


Fjall Ski Lodge, Falls Creek

Dolder Grand Hotel - Zurich

Dolder Grand Hotel - Zurich

2. The Denver Broncos!

It has been 10 years since we won a Super Bowl. I think we may be due. Can you say 4-0 baby? Not preening just yet, but am wearing a smile this week.

4 -0

4 -0

3. Quail Anything

I love quail. There it is. My true confession is out. Grilled, Smoked, Baked or Fried this tiny feathered friend pleases every time. Not the easiest to find either under bush or in butchers markets, I have done some sleuthing, on your behalf of course, and give you www.vermontquail.com. I will be cooking with their product this coming Thursday at my Bilotta event here in NYC. So either come by and try them for free or check them out online. The website sells quail eggs too which just send me into a design tizzy. Love the color spectrum in these little orbs.

4. Felt

Its back and I am loving it. Once reserved for the hippy bohemian crowd, felt has reinvented itself into a contemporary material that is being interpreted by various product designers in a very 2010 way.

Felt Rugs by Peace Industry, Iran

Felt Rugs by Peace Industry, Iran

Felt "Stones" - Great for Floor Seating

Felt "Stones" - Great for Floor Seating

5. Gypsy Faire Tents

Not just for some shameless promotion – but also because it is The Perfect time of year to have a stunning luxury outdoor tent to cover all your Harvest entertaining events. www.gypsyfairetents.com.  Is your grass greener?

Kensington 20' in Marrakech Fabric

Kensington 20' in Marrakech Fabric

6. Il Boschetto al Tartufo (Truffle Cheese)

A mild semi artisanal soft cheese made of sheep or cows milk and loaded with little bits of tartufo (white truffle). In season during truffle season (now) it is not just a seasonal delight it is purely addictive! The perfect choice for a Harvest Dinner Party cheese course/plate.

Il Boschetto al Tartufo

Il Boschetto al Tartufo

7. Place Cards by Timeless Paper (www.etsy.com)

Love these. Just like that.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Gives me Butterflies

Gives me Butterflies

8. A Dinner Party Menu to go along with your new fabulous place cards, of course –

Roasted Eggplant & Sweet Sausage Bruschetta

Rosemary Pork Chops with

Double Stuffed Yams filled with Currants & Walnut

Grilled Fennel & Asparagus with a Thyme Ginger Glaze

Maple Bacon Cornbread (when are we all going to get over bacon everything? I’ll stop if you stop.)

Caramel Apple Crostata with Fresh Whipped Nutmeg Creme.

Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there. Ask me for the decor theme ideas on this one and I’ll post that as well. 😉

9. Giuseppe Arcimbaldo – Well the picture speaks a thousand September words. He is my September poster child. A rather bizarre and twisted poster child, but interesting all the same, no? Check out his other “seasons” and works. This is a guy I would like to have at my “wish list” dinner party.

Guiseppe Archimboldo

Guiseppe Archimboldo

10. NYC

Nothing says September (October & November) like a trip to NYC! If you hit it right, the air is crisp enough to have to bundle up in a wrap, to have to wear tall boots, to have to duck into cozy wine bars to warm up and to have the perfect excuse for a long walk in Central Park. With that said and looking out my window right now…this list is done and I am out of here.



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