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A few favorite things I have been inspired by recently! Perhaps, you too, will get inspired by them and finally tackle that kitchen renovation. Maybe, like me, you will just daydream of being in some of these places sipping on a cocktail and taking in the genius of the design, the simplicity of the materials, the overall affect that the space creates on its guests.

Kaa Restaurant, Sao Paulo

Kaa Restaurant, Sao Paulo

I love the scale of the back bar! It feels like a home kitchen just on steroids 🙂 The counter is cumaru (Brazilian teak) and the base is a local stone similar to granite. Love the row of wine bottles at the top. The artifacts give the space a homey vintage feeling while the clean lines and materials keep it clean.

Love the use of the Eero Saarinen side chairs over bar stools. Notice the living wall behind the far dining area. The outdoor mezzanine area is a dream with the neutral palette and repetitive vignettes down the wall. The cumaru ceiling brings the space down giving it an intimate and sophisticated air. Where is my glass of champagne?

Kaa Bar, Sao Paolo

Kaa Bar, Sao Paolo

Kaa, Mezzanine

Kaa, Mezzanine

I love that while enjoying cocktails on the mezzanine you can still take in the scene at the bar, the green wall and the reflecting pool. Its like sitting in a garden, a most fabulous Brazilian garden I might add. I could live here. The upstairs mezzanine is enclosed for private parties and of course overlooks all that lies below.


A world away, yet somewhat similar is Gjelina in Los Angeles on Abbot Kinney. Here again, great use of recycled woods to create the warmth in the space. Brick floors (so sexy), oak panels on the ceiling, again bringing the space down and intimate and Douglas fir tabletops are all recycled and thus a check plus on the “green” front. Notice the chandelier. An old French bottle rack. There is a great shot of this on their website that you must go and see. http://www.gjelina.com.  Take note of the plaster wall to the left. A beautiful scroll design has been carved into the top portion. Love that mix of contemporary with a hint or artisanal flair. What is not pictured here or on their website is the amazing outdoor area. Pick up a copy of Interior Design magazine for the full spread or hey, if you live in LA – stop in for lunch brunch or dinner!

Gjelina, Venice CA

Gjelina, Venice CA

Sushi Samba Strip & Sugarcane Lounge, Vegas

Sushi Samba Strip & Sugarcane Lounge, Vegas

Sushi Samba in Vegas has such a great flavor it to and I am not talking the dim sum. This is a Brazilian Japanese fusion concept and I feel both in the design. The bamboo tables, the hardwood floors and the cylinders of glass all speak to Brazil. However the graffiti murals that wrap the walls are all about Japanese style. Fresh and Fun.

The great thing about the places above is that the materials they have used are readily available and for the most part very affordable. Getting creative with funky old stuff from flea markets (like the French rack) can save dollars and add incredible flavor to your space. Recycled woods used in a contemporary design keep your space warm and inviting. These places are definitely haute stuff in my book.

One thought on “Haute Stuff

  1. Julie says:

    I love Kaa! I had to stare at the picture for a bit to figure out the scale. Is that a person behind the bar? Really pretty space. Thanks for sharing.

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