Haute n the Kitchen

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Haute n the Kitchen 10-8

I don’t have to tell you how excited I am about this! Or do I? Maybe you didn’t know that one of my favorite things to do is “window shop” in kitchen showrooms. When I attend the furniture fairs in Europe, I beeline to the kitchen section. There they are, one after another of gorgeous Italian made, Italian speaking kitchens. I get butterflies just opening the utensil drawers. A perfect perch for each and every superfluous utensil. Olive pitter, check. Lemon zester, check. Chocolate Curls knife, check. Cappuccino frother, check.

One touch cabinets slowly open to reveal the most perfect champagne flutes and OH! the kitchen staff are pouring a little Veuve for tired shoppers like me 🙂 Every surface, every texture, every material has been carefully studied and selected for each kitchen and when finished they come to life just exactly as the designer imagined. Tuscan Country, Modern Milano or Roman Renaissance there is a style that will whisper to you as you go by, “ciao bella, vieni e mi compri”.

So, yes I am excited to have the opportunity to spend an evening among these beauties and to actually cook among them. A whole big showroom of just kitchens. Better than a kid in a candy store!

If you are going to be in NYC, you must stop by. I will be doing live cooking demonstrations of great new recipes for Fall Dinner Parties and will have tables dressed to the themes. My friends over at Cape Classic Wines will be pouring their lovely wines all of which pair with the food. Bilotta is showing a new bathroom collection and of course all of their stunning kitchens will be open! I will be cooking on Viking appliances which are fabulous if you are in the market.

Thursday October 8th, 6-8pm! Come sip, nibble and ooh aah at all the kitchen eye candy. RSVP to getinfo@bilotta.com!

See ya there!

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