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Marlows Pigeon

Marlows Pigeon



I went to Brooklyn for the first time this past May while I was in the city attending ICFF. I went on a design tour through Dumbo visiting various design showrooms and we had a fab fab fab lunch at The River Cafe just under the Brooklyn Bridge. I liked ole Brooklyn more than I would have imagined and blogged that it would be great to see more some time in the future.

Well my friends I have been back to Brooklyn! While attending another furniture show in the city my friend, John, mentioned that he HAD to take me to his friends’ restaurant in Brooklyn. He went on to say that some guys he used to work with in the city had gone to Brooklyn and opened a really cool restaurant and gourmet food market. Knowing I am a foodie he said he could not in good conscience let me leave without a road trip to Brooklyn to eat at…

Marlow & Sons! Well, why didn’t he say so! Of course I know that place. No, had never been but had seen the name popping up on blogs, tweets and reviews. I gave him the “for real you just remembered you know those guys and are just telling me  NOW” look. He got on the phone. Minutes later, dinner was arranged with owner. Psyched was I!


Cobbled streets, quaint shops and people strolling the sidewalks gave the entire scene a modern Norman Rockwell feel. Once inside Marlow & Sons we were shown to our table which happened to be dead ahead. I was told that during the day our table is actually a fresh farmer’s market. The shelves behind and around us were stocked with sundries from far and wide including, McVitties Biscuits and Hob Nobs – so yum. While drinks were being poured I was told that Marlow & Sons is just one establishment owned by Mark & Andrew. The also have “The Diner” around the corner and “Marlow & Daughters” down the street. Marlow & Daughters (yes, a baby girl had arrived) was a larger food emporium while The Diner was well, yeah a gourmet diner. They also put out a wonderful journal, aptly called “Diner Journal”,  full of food tidbits from all the staff and contributing writers. Subscribe. Its totally worth it. I read three copies and was hungry for more (no pun, really).

About that time Mark arrives with a friend, introductions are made around the table and voila – the first round of food is delivered. Hearty Soppressata, Delicate Finnochiona, Tender Prosciutto, Toscano and Nostrano mingled with Grayson, Bayley Hazen Blue and Ayr Cheeses while glistening little olives invited me to gobble them up. More wine and beers went round, the conversation bubbled and another round of food made a graceful entrance. Salads & pates were shared with good crusty bread.

The highlight of my evening was when Mark invited me on a grand tour of the kitchen – the underbelly of any restaurant and my favorite place, of course. Down a tiny flight of stairs below Marlow is a tidy kitchen with the happiest chefs & cooks I had ever come across. Maybe that was the wine. Another flight of stairs and SURPRISE…we were at the Diner. So clever.

After dinner we danced away a few calories at the bar in the next room. These guys have it all figured out 🙂

Thank you Mark! Call me when you are ready for that “Farm to Street Dinner”!!!

As for you dear blog reader, All I am sayin – is GO! Make the field trip to Brooklyn and visit the world of Marlow. My guess is it won’t be your last trip to Brooklyn either.



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