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Shhh...its a secret

Shhh...its a secret

I owe this new foodie find to my friend Alison. While I was in NYC a few weeks back we had dinner. Well, we had dinner almost every night to be honest. But one night, after a great meal @ Le Jardin, she asked us to join her for a night cap at such and such place. Shockingly (not) almost everyone agreed.

Sleepy and full from a healthy portion of fois gras, mussels and loads of bread, I opted out. At first. A few gentle proddings from the eager dinner mates and suddenly there I was sandwiched into the cab going….????

Lost in conversation and completely unaware of the cab’s direction we suddenly stopped. Alison jumps out and signals us to follow. As we clumsily fall out of the cab I see there is nothing before my eyes other than a long dark dark (did I mention dark) alley. We pay. Cab leaves. Now its just us and the dark alley.

I trust Alison and this is a good thing. We head up the alley and reach for my…um..lipstick. A woman’s best defense don’t you think? We continue on up the alley, the street lights throwing shadows against the graffiti walls and into the crusty corners. We round the bend. There before my very, somewhat nervous, eyes appears a scene. Peeps mingling in the alley in various groups. Smoking cigs. Sipping drinks. Whispering sweep nothings. Gossiping the latest. Just beyond them… the front door to a restaurant…

Freemans Alley. We step inside and I am suddenly, happily, back in France. Country fare. French Country decor, but not the blue/yellow c-r-a-p. The other french country. Authentic deep south, real country french style. You think it doesn’t exist? Oh yes, my friend it does, its just the food is that much better.

Taking it all in (and there is lots to take in from a design perspective) I was so thrilled to see that someone (and whoever you are, you nailed the design theme) truly channeled the spirit of the south of france. Deep rich chocolate tones mingle with velvety blues and decadent reds. The kitchen is straight out of a farmhouse as are the fireplace mantles and oak floors. I  won’t tell you any more. You must explore this secret alley and wonderful restaurant for yourself. Be ready for some serious comfort food. As a word of warning, you will have lots of eyes on you as you dine 🙂

Bon Apetit.


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