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I was at the NYC Home Furnishings Show last week working with my dear friend, Roberta Schilling (www.rscollection.com). While the 8 hours per day I spent on Pier 94 working with designers & retailers from NY & NJ was…well, an affirmation of my ability to “play well with others” – my real fun came when the Pier closed and it was time to pick a dinner destination 😉

Night #1 I chose Tia Pol. I have seen the restaurant gain in the ranks as one of the best tapas bars in NYC, so it was time to give it a whirl. Christine, Greg and I arrived at 8pm to a hopping scene. The tiny tiny bar sits at 10th and 22nd and the front doors fully open onto the sidewalk. Love that. The small bar was 2-3 bodies deep and the sangria was flowing. Greg had the white sangria which had lovely notes of pear and was not overly sweet. Christina had the red which was too sweet and too appley for my taste. I tried the only rose that they served, Pirineos, Mesache ’08, which I found light, dry, crisp and not at all sweet. Not my Mulderbosch, but definitely worth picking up a bottle or two of.

Decor – Parisian inspired bar back with wine slots, old chalkboards boasting the daily specials, lots of small candles, antique oak bar top – Classic French. Bar is long and narrow with tables hugging the walls and a center aisle. One big room in the back for large parties. Lighting was perfect and overall it had a mellow vibe.

Food – We shared; Serrano Wraps filled with Manchego & Artichoke, Lamb Skewers (melted in the mouth), Heirloom tomatoe salad with Catalan Goat Cheese & Pine nuts (the goat cheese was so light it was more like a sauce & the pine nuts – what pine nuts?). We ended with the razor clams which honestly were too tiny, too oily and lackluster. Overall everything else had great flavor, was fresh and simply prepared.

I strolled back to the hotel down those beautiful tree lined streets in Chelsea. I imagined living up in one of those pretty brownstones and being able to stroll with Sula to Tia Pols at will. It was a beautiful night in NY (hell of alot cooler than TX) and a great start to my 6 day trip.

Bar @ Tia Pol

Bar @ Tia Pol

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