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Irene's Cake

Irene's Cake

On the Marquee!
On the Marquee!

My first book signing here in ATX @ BookPeople was a great success and an absolutely surreal experience for me. I am a total loser for, only now, getting around to blogging about the event as it marked such a cool day for me, the book and really for what is possible to each of us.

Book Signing Table

Book Signing Table

I wrote the book because it was a passion and a large window into who I am and what I love. While that is personal and private; sharing my love of food, cooking and entertaining & experiences from my travels are meant to be shared. The book allowed me to do just that.

Deserted Island Dinner

Deserted Island Dinner

Not sure, but probably with most first time authors, I want to re-write the entire thing! Well, parts at least. I see a second book coming just because I learned sooooo much from the first. I am amazingly excited about the things that have come to be because of the book and I know there is more! 

Take Away Gifts

Take Away Gifts

But before I get ahead of myself, I want to take this time and this blog to thank those that deserve a great big Texas sized thank you from me!

Muchos muchos gracias  to all of you who came out to my signing. I really want to list everyone of your names but I know I will miss someone. However, in that spirit, I must thank a few of you…

Bill Reagan, I never knew I could look so good with 3ft tall teeth and a 15ft profile 🙂 A gift I can never repay and a true “once in a lifetime” experience.

Me, but only bigger

Me, but only bigger

Josh Baer – who else would respond so genuinely when asked at almost midnight to please attend and record an event? You not only responded within minutes (my guru), but showed up with all the equipment, including your lovely wife 🙂

Lucy, you were the first to offer making some of the recipes in a test kitchen scenario. You not only made them, but found ways to improve them. You have been nothing short of constant support the entire way…Love ya!

Irene – a woman who never stops giving! The cake was amazing! Who does that? You are a superstar. Write your own book – ok!

Lover and JoJo – well hell, you got a dedication so enough is enough 🙂

Chad, you always surprise me! When I least expect, there you are with words of advice or comfort far beyond your years. You are the BEST brother anyone could ask for. I cherish our friendship. I relish the days when I was actually bigger than you and could win a good fight 🙂 xo brother

Dad – well let’s face it – I would not be an Italian without you! More than that, you have always been so supportive of me and my crazy ideas. I hear you when I laugh.

Nonna Antonelli – where do I start? Oh I know, how about giving me the real recipe to your famous red sauce? I cannot imagine life without you there…so many summers…so many ice cream cones shared…so many preparations made for Nonno’s dinner. You are my inspiration and I love you.

Another giant thanks for all that sat before me and listened to my reading on June 7th! With gittery hands, a dry throat and a stomach full of butterflies I shared with you a real “first” in my life. Those do not come so often. I actually had a moment where I was looking down at me and thinking “what are you doing?”  Surreal.

One last (again) thank you. Mom – you know I rarely call you that, but that weekend of June 6th – 8th, you were so my mom. I could not have done that event without you. We were at our finest, in tears of laughter, about life and all its gifts. I love you soooooo much. Even if you don’t read my blog. 😉

OK enough enough, no more thank yous. The eulogy must end.

As for the pics to follow –

The siging table represented two “dinner themes” from the book. Facing the table, on the right side was “DESERTED ISLAND DINNER” and on the left was “HOLI CANNOLI”. These are representations of the dinner theme/scheme!

Book Signing book People 013

To, in turn, give these themes support, I served some of the food from the book. My favorite South African Rose wine (Mulderbosch) was paired with a smoked salmon roll filled with a creme freche, mascarapone, creme cheese, capers, red onion mixture to meet the savory tooth. For the sweet  tooth I whipped up individual lemon tarts in a hazelnut crust.  It’s all in da book 🙂

Book Signing book People 014


Again – a giant thanks for all of you that came out, bought books, drank wine, tasted yummies and supporte d me. xoxoxoxoxo

One thought on “A TX Sized Thank You!

  1. Meg Schwartz says:

    Heather …we missed out!
    So sorry we didn’t make it, but really well done… a serious achievement! and Beautiful Book!

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